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Every user can grab a free copy of Torchlight until Thursday, June 20, at 12:59PM GMT.

The title says it all: to celebrate the beginning of our phenomenal 2013 #noDRM Summer Sale, we're giving away the hack-and-slash masterpiece Torchlight for absolutely free to all of our users, for both Windows and Mac. You have exactly 48 hours to grab your copy of that incredibly fun and addicting action-RPG, complete with a level editor and a sensational MP3 soundtrack. No strings attached, and--of course--absolutely #NoDRM!

All you need to do, is to visit the Torchlight product page and put it in your cart. You'll pay exactly $0.00 for it, as long as you complete your purchase before Thursday, June 20, at 12:59PM GMT. Say, since you're putting games in your cart, why don't you take a look at all the other fantastic deals we've prepared for you in our 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale? For instance, just $4.48 more gets you the Wide A. Wake Bundle, a complete collection of Alan Wake games. More deals coming up, so visit us frequently.

Have a great day, and enjoy your free game!
Post edited June 18, 2013 by TheEnigmaticT
We're very sorry about the newsletter mix-up. I think it's needless to say that no misinformation was intended here, however it's impossible for us to extend the giveaway, unfortunately.

Anyone who still wishes to take advantage of this offer, please send us a Support ticket using the General form until 23:59 GMT, and we will send you a code for this game:

Ideally, please use "Torchlight giveaway" as the ticket's title - this way it will be easier for us to fish out these cases and get them sorted our quickly. We're pretty swamped right now, due to the huge promo and whatnot, but we will help you ASAP.
reaver894: good to see that GoG will honor the time stated on the news letter (or at least appears to be honoring :-P)
And we're adding three hours on top of it, so I think it's fair enough, under the circumstances.