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Sachys: recipe given to me by a KP we had in a restaurant i worked at.
MASSIVE mexican fella. six nine, brick-shithouse kinda guy - would have made an amazing luchagore!
anyways, stayed a couple amonths and as was custom there after a while it was his turn to prepare the post staurday shift meal for everyone.
asked for my help as he didnt know where mosts stuff was in the kitchen (bit odd i thought - i was the upper floor restaurant manager and didnt work in the kitchen), but it turned out he was into the sister of my (then) girlfriend. so we chatted on that and as hes asking me for spices / ingredients, he begins to tell me a little of his past (VERY quiet guy - but one of those gentel giant types). wont go into too much detail there, but he had spent 2 years working as a gaucho around South America (well, this is the tale at least).
The dish he cooked was incredible - and not much different from the chili you might be used to in basic terms - except you used any meat to hand (preferably steak as he said it was a solemn dish for spring - or otherwise jerky if nothing else) along with chorizo and some other little touches.
Makes all the difference - spent six months working at a southern states / mexican restaurant a year later and the few staff i made it for could not believe the difference.

anyways... rambling now!

Edit: for not editing bad spellings!
Edit2: and thats why he called it "gaucho chili" and "not that crap you get in places - what we ate out there on the lands"
I'm not a huge fan of spicy dishes ( yea I'm a big wuss) but I do love steak and chorizo, so it sounds like pretty tasty food stuffs (this is taking me twice as long to type as the s is getting missed and so are the spaces -_-) He sounds like a pretty interesting fellow. I don't have any cool/interesting stories to tell about any work place mates as I don't work and have only done work experience at two places for a course I was doing. I will say one thing about the few people I have worked with and that is most of them are a bit on the crazy side.
well, catering and hospitality is a massive window the weird and the wonderful - but the career path has serious downfalls, so best avoided if possible!