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Crassmaster: Gearbox and Valve co-conspire against GOG to release Homeworld exclusively on Steam.

This forum gets more and more amusing by the day.
SCPM: Our best bet is to make our voices heard on their forums:
Every voice helps.
I wonder what became of the Red Faction and Darksiders IPs.
Crassmaster: Actually, the best bet is to let both Gearbox AND GOG know that you want them here.
I created a thread here if anyone wants to post support, or you can create your own or let Gearbox know another way:
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I still have hope of Homeworld appearing on GOG. But knowing Gearbox they'll slap it on Steam and won't even bother fixing it.
Good news about Nordic as we might get those previous games drm-free. As for new installments, we'll see.
tfishell: Naturally I'm biased, but I liked the /temporary/ exclusivity that SS2 had, and hope that titles like Steam's Duke 3D expansions, AoE2 original, X-Com, etc. eventually come here.
I would also like to see AoE2 here, but I think that is the least unlikely scenario of any theoretical scenarios. Both MS and Steam share the same ideals in terms of always-on activation. With AoE2 specifically, it seems most of the "updates" were in online type options that can help make the always-on argument.

I've learned to never say never... but I think we may well see SS1, Nolf, Grim Fandango, and even Morrowind here before we get AoE2 (hopefully, I'm wrong... actually, no, hopefully, I"m right, we need those games! ;) )
mistermumbles: From the very article you just linked: "Crytek has no interest in pursuing the Darksiders property rights, so the studio is starting from scratch."
Snickersnack: Correct. That's why I was happy to learn that...

Crytek Plans to Bid on Darksiders Rights
Don't count Crytek out just yet: and
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All I want is Gearbox to release Homeworld 1, 2, and Cataclysm on GOG with the Soundtracks. DNF and Aliens proved they care very little about titles not called 'Borderlands'. I really wish someone other than Jim Sterling would call that Randy Pitchford out on his lies.
Somewhat related - PC Gamer has a "Let's Reboot" feature on NOLF today.
Minor, interesting bump.

Well, admittedly I guess much of this hasn't turned out as planned, but I recently got this Facebook response:

Me: "I hope, whilst working on this game, you guys are still trying to bring back lost classics! (I understand that searching for rights can be tough, though.)"

Night Dive: "No fear! We have some great announcements we'll be making soon."

Me: "Wow, sounds good! If they're good old games, of course I hope gets first dibs (and nice bonus content including soundtracks), but do what you gotta do!"

C17: All I want is Gearbox to release Homeworld 1, 2, and Cataclysm on GOG with the Soundtracks.
Apparently Night Dive had success, finally!
It would be nice to have these here. I never played NOLF, and everybody seems crazy about it, so I'd like to check it out.
That got a thread of its own: link
Partially. It seems the have aquired the trademarks, but not yet the rights to the sources/games themselves.
I am here, holding my breath... will I die for lack of oxygen? :)
NOLF would be the best game on GOG.

That's all.