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Now is a time of great rejoicing! Another legend has hit our catalog, accompanied by the roar of engines and some funky tunes. So put on your bell-bottoms and disco boots and remember... Never get out of the car!
Interstate '76 is the vehicular combat game, bundled with the Nitro Pack expansion to form the Arsenal combo pack. With the United States in the middle of a massive oil crisis and the American South-West plagued by gangs of autovillains, it's up to vigilantes like you to give these "creepers" a taste of their own medicine. Those of you who have played it years back should already know that it's one of the coolest games ever made. Fast-paced action, memorable characters, a gripping story, tons of style and muscle cars with guns! Plus, your name is Groove Champion. What more could you possibly expect from a game? If those arguments didn't convince you, check out our trailer.
Yes! I've been playing the soundtrack the whole day waiting for this release!
I've never played it, but with the hype generated by all the GOGers who have, I'm definitely getting it. Plus, I love vehicular combat, and I'm a huge fan of older examples such as Super Cars II and Death Rally, so it's actually something of a mystery to me why I've never played this game.
I already loved, but now i F***ING ADORE THEM!!!! :D
All hail Interstate '76! All hail GoG! ;)
Never played, but the stylised low poly graphics and funky soundtrack do appeal. GOGers have a lot of hype on it, usually a good sign.
Oh yeah! Does it have forum avatars? *checks avatar*
PS/ Does the game download have accessible sountrack files? I seem to remember the game cds could also be played in a regular cd player!
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This game is awesome. I played it nonstop when it first came out, and loved it.
The only negative thing I have to say about it is that there was a hack for the multiplayer version where if you kicked someone using it, they could crash the host game when they left. So you had these jerks coming in and shooting people on their own team from behind, and then if you tried to kick them, they'd crash everyone's game. It's why I stopped playing. I'm hoping GOG has fixed this. I'd love to hear if GOG has addressed this issue.
Anyway, I'm on the fence as to whether I'll actually buy it again, but if you love vehicular combat, especially mission based rather than arena based, you'll love I-76.
instant buy here a classic game which i have missed. Now need work to end
Like every other game in the Activision catalogue, I won't buy it.
This is so awesome!
My most anticipated Release here on GOG since the beginning!
Instant buy, thanks a lot!
Not really my kind of game, sadly. Plus it looks a bit too... I dunno... old is not the word, I love old games. It looks like a game living beyond its means for the time it was created, and those are often hard to replay later.
I hope there is another Activision release later today.
stonebro: Like every other game in the Activision catalogue, I won't buy it.

Come on everyone, let's all stare at stonebro with wide puppy eyes until he buys Interstate 76!
there is a thread about this on the i76 board as well but the opinions seem sort of split. so im trying it here again, the only thing holding me back from buying this thing RIGHT NOW is the concern about the controls. i only have keyboard/mouse, but from playing the demo waaay back when and reading several posts its sort of a pain to play it with only that? anyone got any opinon on this? i know probably most of you posted in that board, but that didnt totally convince me yet, but i WANT to buy it hehehe
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Oh boy. This is going to need some tweaking on my part. Damn glide!
Edit: Actually, it just loads very slowly on my Win7. Forgot that the glide version runs at 640x480. Ouchie for the eyes. I probably need to find my numpad... I took it off the keyboard.
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