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Please take a survey and tell us what you think!

Last week, we launched the first ever DLC on (for tactical-strategy game Omerta: City of Gangsters). The launch was a bit rushed on our end, and we did a bad job communicating what it was, and why we're adding it to the store. That was a screw-up on our part, and we're sorry. We've read all of your comments (and there were a lot!) and it's lead us to wonder about DLC and other new models of gaming that are happening right now. There's a survey at the bottom of this newspost, where we'd like to hear more about what you think should do in the future, but don't jump down there just yet.

First, we wanted to explain the reasoning behind offering DLC for sale. It boils down to this: the number of newer games that have DLC keeps growing every year. As publishers and developers look at ways to remain profitable--look at how many big studios have gone bankrupt in the last 3 years if you think that's not a challenge--they're exploring new things like DLC, episodic content, and so on. loves games, and we're committed to bringing the best games in history--classic or new--here to the site for you to enjoy. To sign some of these newer titles, however, we need to make a decision: do we sell DLC for these newer games, or do we not offer DLC and, increasingly, find that what we sell doesn't contain all of the content available for the game, content that hardcore fans of the game will probably enjoy?

We thought about it and decided that the best thing for us to do was to offer you the freedom to choose. We don't like telling you what to do with your games, whether it's how you want to back it up or how often you want to reinstall it, and it felt like refusing to sell DLC for new games was another instance where we were limiting your freedom. In our minds, if you don't like DLC, you're free to ignore it; if it represents a good value to price to you, then, you're free to buy it here--DRM-free, of course--from

For classic games, our goal always remains to bring you the definitive version of the game--with all expansion packs--at one price. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we don't get the expansion packs. At least, not right away (::coughcoughSidMeier'sAlienCrossfirecough::), but the goal remains that way and it won't change.

New games are different, though. Classic games aren't being actively developed, and they aren't being updated with new paid content, so it's easy to negotiate a single fixed price. For new games, that's not the case, and we can't promise a fixed price for all of the expanded content ever for a new game. We will try to get you all of the DLC that we can for free, but let's be realistic: developers release paid DLC because they want more money. Offering it for free is not always in the cards. Offering it for free 6 months, a year, or 18 months after the launch? That's more likely to be possible, and it's certainly something that we would love to be able to do for all of our games. We can't promise anything, but that's another goal for us.

So, as we mentioned above, we didn't do a very good job letting you guys know about this ahead of time, and as such your response was--unsurprisingly--pretty strong. To help determine what you want us to do in the future, we've prepared a short survey for you about DLC, episodic content, and other possible new areas of gaming that might venture into offering you. Please take a moment and answer the survey, and leave us a comment below. We'll pick 10 winners who comment below and give them any game from the catalog--even Omerta and its DLC, if you like. :)

tl;dr version: We're sorry about how we communicated to you during DLC launch. We hope you'll give us feedback on what new things might start selling in the future.

The survey is now closed. Thanks for your time and your insights, everyone. We'll take a close look at the outcome. This will surely help us in making an even better service custom-tailored to its users tastes and expectations. Again, thanks for your opinions!

As promised, we'll pick 10 posts from the comment thread and give their authors a game of their choice. We'll PM you to ask you what would you like to get.
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+1 for apologizing, time to complete the survey.

Edit: Any chance we could take a look at the results afterwards?
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See, it's PR work like this that shows how GOG stands above other distributors.

A combination of professionalism and brute honesty. Not many will admit they were wrong - they just indulge in PR spin.

Where's the survey by the way?
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Only thing I'm strongly against is the selling of "season passes" as I see those pretty much as a scam, as there's no guarantee that the game ever gets some, if the initial sales are poor and what not.
Will be sure to fill this out for you guys

DLC in itself is not a bad thing when it's done right and gives value for money but 90% of the time in today's gaming climate, It does not

"Season Passes" can fuck right off though, those things are a scam and the only thing worse than them are the people who actually buy them
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jamyskis: Where's the survey by the way?
News article, not forum, and offsite, so check your noscript/adblock etc
That's some sweet marketing. Always appreciated ;)

EDIT: Oh yeah, I did the survey, by the way.
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JMich: News article, not forum, and offsite, so check your noscript/adblock etc
Seen it, thanks.

Answered "no" to pretty much every question except the first one. As tomimt says, Season Passes are a bit of a scam, and paying for alpha/beta releases is also a bit dubious (Ugly Baby anyone?).

I have no problem with the principle of DLC in its own right as a kind of downloadable expansion pack (although the Omerta DLC was a prime example of how it shouldn't be), but as a general rule, I pay for games when they're finished and released. That's the way it should be. No pre-ordering, no paying for alphas, betas (except when they're fully fledged games in their own right), season passes or episodic content.
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I have no issues with GOG trying to sell DLC and other added content, and I'm sure it will definitely help pay the bills. However, I personally don't come to GOG for new games (Excluding Indie game deals). I still only check back to the site to see what classics you guys have added to your roster. I do occasionally find a great indie title I didn't know about though. =)

GOG's niche has always been selling games that people have forgotten about, miss dearly, or are obscure, and I hope that you guys keep feeling that niche with more content.
jamyskis: Where's the survey by the way?
JMich: News article, not forum, and offsite, so check your noscript/adblock etc allow cookies etc.
A big, big NO to DLC, but a chance for alpha / beta access would be interesting.
Can someone explain how season passes work and well, how would they work if they arrived here? Of what little I gathered from a quick google search is that they're time based and since this site is more of an archival game distributor I don't think something like that works, either for the customer or the publishers.
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JMich: News article, not forum, and offsite, so check your noscript/adblock etc
jamyskis: Seen it, thanks.

Answered "no" to pretty much every question except the first one. As tomimt says, Season Passes are a bit of a scam, and paying for alpha/beta releases is also a bit dubious (Ugly Baby anyone?).
I too said no the the alpha question. Why pay more for an alpha built.

If they had said buy into the alpha or beta for a much cheaper price then the full release price then I would have said yes (and you would get the full game also when it is release at no extra cost).
What do you mean by "multi-player focused games?" Doesn't GOG.comalready have a bunch of multiplayer RTS and the like? Is this referring to something with servers hosted by the developer/publisher as opposed to the player?
Am I blind?
I can't see the survey...