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I'm looking for info on his early 90s crime noir stuff.

This is his Wikipedia page

First of all, there's not two, right? Making sure I have the right guy.

Out of his crime noir stuff (I know he did a lot of superhero stuff later on), what are his most seminal titles/characters/whatever.

I'm trying to get a signed print or something from him for my bro's birthday. All I know is Brian Bendis and crime noir and I don't want to tip my brother off.

Jinx, AKA Goldfish, Fire? Can anyone tell me what the best stuff is from these graphic novels? The info I've found is rather sparse. PMs are fine.

His new serie with Maleev as the artist.
And it's great. Amazingly great.

His new serie with Maleev as the artist.
And it's great. Amazingly great.
Well he did say he'd been following Bendis since he saw his crime noir stuff. Is it in the same vein? That description is rather brief (looks more like an apocalyptic storyline).
I dont tend to follow the actual people behind the comics but I know Powers became a pretty big hit which was crime/superheroes and was a good read. His work on Sam and Twitch was great and was basically crime/noir in the Spawn universe. All his early noir books where A.K.A Goldfish and Jinx and later Fortune and Glory which was about writing noir screenplays.

There was one more but I dont remember it. I imagine getting a print of Sam and Twitch would be easier since they are still ongoing characters to a degree.His best noir work for me was Jinx or Goldfish.
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