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Happy birthday and you are being mighty generous indeed. I could not affort that many games in a year :-p

Entering for:
Loren Amazon Princess
Siege of Turtle Enclave
Operation Stormfront

Are the ones without source from developers or are they steam when greenlit? If later choose game that you can gift from GOG, Desura or Developer as I don't use steam.

Edit: Lol, added Underrail only to remove and buy it two days later :-p
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I am really interested only in Hamilton's Great Adventure on Steam.

Vse najboljse ne_zavarj!
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ne_zavarj: 3 copies of The Trouble With Robots by Digital Chestnut Greenlight it
Just so you all know, these will include the recently released Megamort expansion to The Trouble With Robots.
GeoffW1: Just so you all know, these will include the recently released Megamort expansion to The Trouble With Robots.
I just wanted to post that . :)
Wow, great giveaway. Makes me ashamed for what I gave for my birthday :)

These are the games I'm intersted in:

- Defender's Quest on GoG
- Awesomenauts
- Bunch of Heroes

Thanks :)
Happy Birthday! And a big Thank You for the giveaway. I am interested in:

Hearts of Iron III Collection
Trine 2
Thank You very much!
Thanks for the giveaway

i'm in for
Will update the list with some games tomorrow .
Happy Birthday ne_zavarj!

I really, really would love to keep playing Defender's Quest (after playing the demo version... ;p) (preferably on GOG, but I wouldn't mind it on Steam!)
or Primordia (loved Resonance!)...

If everything else fails,Trine 2 would be good too! :P

Thanks for all this!

Edit, before I forget: Underrail would be simply awesome! :P
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Happy Birthday ne_zavarj and thanks for such an overhelming giveaway! You have been busy!

I'm interested on Primordia (GOG). By the way, thanks to you I beat my 4 years procrastination of choosing an Avatar!
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changed the date :
end of entry : December 5 midnight

I will only able to announce the winners and give away the prizes on the weekend ( perhaps on Sunday ) . I have too much work to do in these days .
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Thespian*: BUMP!

Happy Birthday, ne_zavarj!

(I suppose it's December 4th, isn't it?)
5th :P
Thank you for the giveaway and happy birthday! I am interested in Defender's Quest (GOG/Steam), Botanicula (Steam), Primordia (GOG), The Whispered World (GOG) and Resonance (GOG).
Trid: 5th :P
Corrected, then. Thanks for the heads-up, Trid!