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I had an interesting idea (that I am sure has been done before), for a fun contest to do here on the GOG forums.

Basically, I will post 20 different short clips of music from 20 different PC games (older PC games, before 2000 = the only hint you will have) and it will be your job to name the game where that music piece is taken from.

Basically these are the rules:

The contest will start once I post all 20 youtube links onto this post here.

You will send me a PM with your guesses for all 20 clips (One entry per User allowed, so please make sure you have your final answers chosen before you send in the PM).
Please title the PM "Name That Tune!! PC Music Contest"

The top three entries will win the following prizes:

1st Place- $30 worth of GOG games (You PM me the game choices and I will gift them to you. Note this means either 3 $9.99 GOGs or 5 $5.99 GOGs or a combination)
2nd Place- $20 worth of GOG games (Either 2 $9.99 GOGs or 4 $5.99 GOGs, or 1 $9.99 GOG and 2 5.99 GOGs)
3rd Place- $10 worth of GOG goodness

In the event of a tie, I will do a random drawing or other means of a tiebreaker as I deem necessary.

I will most likely post the music clips on Wednesday I believe. And I will give a week for people to submit entries from the exact time I upload the links to Youtube "clips".

If this outing proves successful, I might end up doing this at the end of July.

At the conclusion of the contest, I will post all of the answers along with any other information I feel appropriate about what the music title is, composer and etc.
You'll be swarmed with 20/20 answers, i bet Ya. Can't wait to see what tunes You've dug out for us.;)
Arteveld: You'll be swarmed with 20/20 answers, i bet Ya. Can't wait to see what tunes You've dug out for us.;)
Hehe, I just hope it is fun for all involved, but yeah I am going to try and make this a bit more difficult, considering how knowledgeable GOGers are. ;)

I pretty much have the tunes picked out, just gotta post them on youtube and such.
Vagabond: I am a VGM guru. PREPARE YOURSELF.
Just so long as Dxn.Mrk, Drelmanes, Daedolon and SaunaChum don't participate. ;)
You called?
Here's my final answer:

1-20 - Outcast

I really like that soundtrack. :)