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In this case, "LAM" is an acronym meaning "Land-Air 'Mech", after the rare, pre-Clan War variety of Battlemechs in BattleTech. Anyway, I'm trying to remember the name of a demo I played some years ago, a game where you play a walker that can switch back and forth from biped to fighter jet, and you're the only one on the battlefield. For some reason, the game reminds me a lot of Yager, probably because in Yager you get to switch between hover and "speedy" modes.

While we're on the subject of walker games, I'm also trying to remember the name of another game that involves a law enforcement mech that switches between hovercar and biped. I think it's Cops 2097 or something like that. I remember it specifically because there was a cutscene involving arresting a mutant, and when the mech shined a spotlight on him and said "Put your hands above your head! ALL of them!", the mutant revealed a hidden seventh arm. And there was a joke about a cruise ship named the "Queen Mary II". It got blowed up.
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Swapping between walker and fighter jet? I thought Robotech: Battlecry was the only one that let you do that? I didn't know there was a Battletech game that did the same thing. Sorry, wish I could help.
Ahem, Future Cop LAPD
Your first game sounds alot like Battle Engine Aquila.
Ok, Future Cop LAPD was the second one I was thinking of. And it wasn't Robotech: Battlecry, I played that on the Gamecube. And it was more fast-paced than Battle Engine Aquila, which was an FPS anyway, wasn't it? The one I'm thinking of is third person. And it's more arcade-y, in the way that you collect ammo and health and armour bonuses on the field, instead of setting up your loadout pre-mission a la MechWarrior.
EDIT: Nevermind, that'll teach me to read all of everyones post before I open my mouth.

EDIT 2: It's a long shot, but you aren't thinking of Zone Of The Enders, perchance?
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The first game sounds like Gun Metal, came out for PC and Xbox, and maybe PS2, but I'm not sure.
Tiko201: The first game sounds like Gun Metal, came out for PC and Xbox, and maybe PS2, but I'm not sure.
That's it! Thanks, it was driving me nuts.