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Like the title suggests I want to get my 5 year old a Wii game about the same skill level as Donkey Kong country returns, he as love Mario world for WIi but it is a little hard for him. Any suggestions? and thanks in advance for any help
Kirby games. Return to Dreamland, Epic Yarn, and the Anniversary Collection are all pretty good with fairly low difficulty. Plus, many of the games (including the Wii games) have co-op.
I think there's an adventure title called "Zack and Wiki" that he might like, it's a bit less platforming and a bit more puzzle adventure.
Kirby games!

Kirby games historically have rather gentle difficulty curves compared to their Mario and Metroid ilk, resulting in kid-friendly experiences without diluting the core game experiences. They always seem to incorporate interesting mechanics that are easy to perform and fun to watch. Kirby's Epic Yarn would probably get my strongest recommendation, as the difficulty curve is gentle enough for almost anyone to play, and the art style is a sight to behold.

Don't discount some of the older Kirby titles on Virtual Console, either! The NES classic Kirby's Adventure is one of my favorites, and also one of the best looking NES games out there. It uses a lot of contrast and bright coloring to give it a timeless visual appeal, and I think it's good looking enough that even kids today would find it playable and fun. It also uses NES-style controls, so to control it you simply hold the Wii Remote sideways, using 1 to swallow things up and 2 to jump (Virtual Console games also offer the manuals to read if you press the Home button, so check that out if you want to read how to play and then explain it to your son). Couldn't be simpler! And it's a rather easy game to breeze through, so for your son the difficulty would be appropriate.
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Assuming that you have a Wii and not a Wii-U, you should be able to play Gamecube games with their discs. You should also be able to access the virtual stores to download games, which has the best variety of platforming games on the Wii.

Klonoa (trailer)

Megaman 9 (trailer)

Kiby's Epic Yarn (trailer)

Castlevania: ReBirth (gameplay, virtual store)
Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (aka. Shake It) could be suitable. I found it easy enough, but my platformer difficulty perception is skewed. Can't compare it to the games you mentioned since I haven't played 'em.
I think the Kirby games would be right up his alley! Thanks everyone for the suggestions
Get him nintendo 1st party games.
Too bad the SNES DKC games were taken down from the virtual console or so I hear.

Kirby games would be a good choice, and I guess there's Rayman Origins and Klonoa (haven't played that though).
Yeah the Kirby games are great. My nephews love to play them.
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No, try Kirby. My friend played Epic Yarn, but thought it was too easy, but for a five year old, it should be perfectly fine.
QC: I think there's an adventure title called "Zack and Wiki" that he might like, it's a bit less platforming and a bit more puzzle adventure.
Me and my brother got this for our littler brother when he was... I forget how old. Six? Seven? Eight? He loved it.
I remembered a game, its a pokemon one, but its not for everyone, its only for kids: PokePark. Its cute as hell but its to easy for any teen.
That's a tough question, 2D action platformers are practically dead. There are none aside from Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Wii and Kirby's Return to Dreamland, but there are games that look similar, such as Kirby's Epic Yarn. It would only be fair to warn you that those games just look similar, but they play like collectathons, the difficulty is insultingly low and it's all about just collecting stuff. Maybe your son will like those games, since everything is new to children, or maybe he will just get bored because there is no challenge in them.

There is the Super Mario All Stars collection, it contains the first three Super Mario Bros. games on one disc. It's basically the old Super Mario All Stars from the Super Nintendo wrapped up in an emulator, but it's still tons of fun. Especially the first Mario is a great game for players with less skill, it was after all the very first Super Mario game. It was only released in limited quantity, so getting a hold of a copy might be quite hard.

I wouldn't recommend buying WiiWare or VirtualConsole games because Nintendo has no account system. Once the Wii breaks your digital games are gone (you can redownload then any time but only on the console you bought them on). This is worse than any DRM ever. Plus you don't even get manuals, which is a deal breaker for games like Zelda on NES where the manual had the world map. Considering that the games are way overpriced for something you don't ever own.

Another idea is to hack your Wii, then you could run an emulator for old systems such as NES or SNES, they have very fun games like the Disney games from Capcom (Duck Tales, Resuce Rangers) which will never see a re-release for licensing reasons, so there is no harm done in pirating those. I have hacked my Wii myself and I play all my (legally bought) retail games off a hard drive; no more disc drive noise, no switching discs and I can even use cheats, like increasing running speed in Xenoblade or having all the big coins in Mario from the start.