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NOOOO. I forgot that you wrote the game is 2d and not 3d... :(
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I'm going to say Armored Warriors.
hmm pilots.... is it Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness?
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I was going to say Universal Warriors but I will go with Walker then.
Metal Masters?
psicat: Metal Masters?
I think the same but have not posted as it was 1st guess above already. :)
Just a wild guess.

Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's.

My random guess:

Power Dolls:
My guess is Armored Warriors:
Well, just to guess something that hasn't been put up here yet, I'm gonna say Galactic Warriors:

I went old-school with that one, and geez was it hard to find any kind of video for it.
Alright! I found what I was looking for and the results are in. Thank you all for participating, and keep an eye out for my next contest (whenever that may be)

Here are the results of the contest:

keeveek - Winner. Metal Masters! I played that game with my friend for hours straight, we could never beat the AI opponents wince we sucked, but we always had fun kicking each others' butts. I'm gonna have to hunt this game down one of these days :)

Prydeless - Runner Up. Why runner up you ask? He mentioned a game that I had all but forgotten! Universal Warrior was a game I played the crap out of when I was in the 6th grade, everybody said the game sucked but I had tons of fun with it. Now I have a chance to play it again! You get 6USD worth of games, choose freely!

Fantasysci5 - For puppy eyes you can have one free game from the interplay promo! The contest was over awfully fast, so I thought SOMEONE who guessed wrong should get a game, might as well be the one with the puppy eyes!

One last thing: I will PM the winners, who in turn can reply with the games of their choice, I'll send them your way once I figure out how to gift games (this is my first time organising a contest after all!)
Thank you so very much! I've received so many gifts today (from you and from xyem) and my birthday is just next week!

Thank you again Deus_Ex, that contest was fun. :-)
Oh wow, thanks so much Deus_Ex! Didn't think I had it once I saw Metal Masters and Crescent Hawks mentioned. Glad you rediscovered another old gem. Thanks again!
You're welcome guys! I'm gonna hold another, Fallout-themed giveaway soon, while were still in the interplay promo so stay tuned!
Dammit... You snooze you lose. Played witcher 1 almost 2 days straight without sleep and now I have missed an opportunity to win a game.
So play a game, lose a game.
Well, wouldn't have guessed that anyway.