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Right, i promised way back when that if I got a job (even if it is for only 9 days) I'd give away some free games. Well here goes! I thought it would be more fun if it was a bit of a contest, so I thought of a game I played as a kid but can't remember anymore. The only things I can remember about the game are as follows:

It was a 2D giant robot fighting game, where you could see the pilots climb inside the robots before the battle. There were different kinds of robots and though I'm not too sure I think there were purchasable upgrades as well

The game WASN'T One Must Fall, I still play OMF but the game I'm thinking of is a different one.

The first one to remember the game and tell me the name will get 10USD worth of GOG's, freely choosable by the winner. If no one can succesfully guess the game, I'll just pick a winner at random from those who tried their luck at this. If I think that someone guesses the game too quick I'll just give another game free from the interplay promo to whoever posts in this topic AFTER the winner has been announced.

Have fun!

EDIT: I must clarify that you can only guess the name of the game (do not use a list to enter), only 1 guess per person :) I can give you a hint, the game was from the Amiga/PC era, I doubt it was released for consoles
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I have no idea what that game is. Hopefully someone does as I'm curious to know!
Do you see your game here?
Battle Assault on PSX?

or Gundam Battle Assault
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Mechwarrior or Mechcommander?

Can you tell us in which year was it?
Armored Warriors,
or Rise of the Robots,
or Cyborg Justice.

or Tech Romancer

Schmeisser Robo

im not sure if youre telling about 2D GAME or 2D MOVEMENT, so i post them all
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I edited the post, only 1 guess per person :) Let's make it fair for everyone. I also added a hint to the first post to ease the contest a bit
Oh.. Sorry... I was thinking that you don't know the title of the game and you need help.

so my guess is: Metal Masters.

Do not count anything else.
BattleTech - The Crescent Hawks Inception?
Then I will go for Rise of the Robots!

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Universal Warrior is my guess.
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On?
Tech Romancer?
Rise of the Robots?

I'd really love one (or two) of the promo games that are only $2.99...*puppy dog eyes*
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