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The random number gods have spoken!!

Winner: voldart

Congrats on your BG2. Not sure if you've played it before, but it's one of the best rpgs ever. I'm embarking on my 6th or 7th playthrough soon ever since 2002.
Congratulations to voldart for winning! Thanks to cw8 for the giveaway :)
Congrats voldart and thank you again cw8!
Congrats voldart and thanks again cw8.
Wow thank you so much cw8 and all of you! I'm going to install it as soon as I get home.
Congrats to voldart, hope you enjoy the game. Thanks to cw8 for the awesome giveaway, and good luck winning the lottery!
Congrats to voldart, and thanks again, cw8!
Congratulations voldart :)
Congrats!!! It's a great game.

Great giveaway!!
Congrats voldart and thank you cw8 for hosting a giveway.