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In and thanks for the giveaway.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I'm not entering since I already have the game, but you deserve a + rep for the giveaway sir!

Thank you!
Thanks for this, your first giveaway, cw8! ^_^
Rep+ for you.
(I'm not in.)

In and +1 :)
Not entering, just want to say thank you for giving such a wonderful game to the community =)
cw8: Btw, how do you use to select who wins? By post number?
That's completely up to you. If you go by post number though, someone who posts more than once have a higher chance of winning, so I'd make a tally of everyone who entered then throw that list to the mighty

I already have the game, by the way, which is why I didn't enter a number and thus don't enter the giveaway.
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This is very fun concept and + 1 to you.
I received this number by using a programming language in the first run. I'm not kidding!

I suppose you close the submission process sometime, open all pages with a programming language capable of reading it out and then apply regular expressions to draw all 4 digit numbers. Then you chose one randomly.

Or you count the numbers of posts, draw one of it and draw again if it failed due to someone not entering. The 4 digit number would have been obsolete then.
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Not entering but thanks :)