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The Unquiet Void- The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Walk In My Shadows - Joe Bonamassa - Album - A New Day Yesterday
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Dead Can Dance – The Writing on My Father's Hand
Tom Waits - Dead and Lovely
Susumu Hirasawa - Love Song
The Tear Garden - Love Notes & Carnations
The Legendary Pink Dots – I Love You in Your Tragic Beauty
The Police - Walking in your Footsteps
BATTLE BEAST - Enter The Metal World
What The Hell Is Goin' On - Paul Thorn
Ruoska - Helvettiin Jäätynyt (Frozen to hell) - Album: Rabies
Suburban Tribe - Frozen Ashes
Dragon Age: Origins - Inon Zur - The Urn Of Sacred Ashes
Messiah – The Age of the Machine / Beyond Good and Evil
Hatsune Miku - God Slaying Machine