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With the come back of Motoracer 2 to the catalogue, we have a small additional surprise for you. We're continuing to provide you with best packages with our good, old games that's why we're adding more additional content to already released games. Today you can download awesome wallpapers for XIII, the soundtrack to Haegemonia Gold Edition and a wallpaper for The Last Express. If you already own those titles you can download them by going to 'My Account', and if you haven't grabbed them yet, you should reconsider that :)
If you already won those titles
I haven't already won those titles. But I would like to. :D
well done GOG, keep them coming!

Games here always are in need of more additional materials, while some games like the fallout series have tons of them, other games direly lack them so we hope to see more additions like this in the future, because moves like this always make game purchases more attractive and give us gamers more value for money :)
If you already won those titles
Bavarian: I haven't already won those titles. But I would like to. :D
Damn letters! ;p Fix'd.
Thanks for the support GOG :) Every extra is welcome!
Alright, this is awesome.
Cool. Don't forget to add the Desperados demo, containing a level which you can't find in the full game.
ooh, shinies.

Much appreciated guys, thank you.
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Always nice to see.
That's great. I'm looking to buy XIII and Last Express soon.
GameRager: gshghgsfghgsfgh

I think I'll label my HDD for GOG backups with that.
Even though I don't own these yet I really enjoy seeing GOG enhance their products. Good work team!
Great job GOG. You know it really says a lot about you guys adding free stuff to already incredible games...Restores my faith in the human spirit! :D
on a side note, you guys must be bored! ;-P
Thanks for the second round of extras for The Last Express and just in general. GOG is awesome :)
The true spirit of GoG is all around us.