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which mmorpgs have you played in the past, and what if any are you playing now?

I'll start:

my very first was ultima online, and i loved it. unlike a lot of people. next was everquest, then everquest 2(which is probably my favorite so far) and of course i tried WOW. hated it.

now i'm getting back into them, and i love conan, everquest 2. why you ask? not becuase i think they are the best, but becuase they require no monthly fee, and i can download them for free. basically, for NO MONEY AT ALL, i can play them for months and months.

i tried everquest 1, for it is also free, but it has been surpassed in almost every way by the better ones, so i see no point in wasting my time with it.
The Realm for months, then EQ1 for years, starting somewhere in 2000.

Later on, I've tried Ryzom, and A tale in the desert. Underrated games and I loved both of them, but my addiction to mmo games was starting to fade away. I recently tried LoTRo and Vanguard, but it didn't work... too much of the same and nothing really new.

Sadly I never had time to give EVE online a chance.
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For mmo's I've played City of Heroes/Villians, GW1, Atlantica Online, and Forum Warz. I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2.
I played NexusTK on and off for about 10 years. It had by far the best roleplaying community that I have run across with regular player run events. During that time I played a Bard in Everquest (they rocked) for about 6 months. My guild got flagged for Time the day after I quit. After that I moved on to WoW for about a year and a half and got 9 characters to 85. Putting a ton of effort into my 10-man raiding group and finally downing the Lich King was an amazing feeling. After a while in Cata I switched to playing SWTOR for 4 months. I may give it another chance now that they've switched to F2P just so I can finish up the story lines.
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Not really playing playing as I'm concentrating on single player games in my backlog at the moment. But Guild Wars 2 somewhat so far.

I did Star Wars The Old Republic in November/December and it was fine overall. I intend to go back at some point, but maybe not until I see how the expansion turns out.

I got The Secret World and now Tera on sale since they went or will be going b2p/f2p. So I'll get to them sometime in the future.

I played WoW a while and had fun from the TBC days until the start of Cata, then lost interest.
I don't play MMOs, I try them. ;P

Yesterday I downloaded the Age of Wushu beta and in February they're going to cut down the time limit so basically free, open late beta. It has a cool martial art system but I suspect that after a while it will look as bland as all the others and suffer from annoying balance issues.

In the past I played Age of Conan a lot, the only MMO I actually played more than a few hours. I had tons of fun with a few friends in the beginning (bought it at release date) especially because of the hundred glitches that they had. Now they fixed them and made it more like WoW and I can't see the appeal but at least it's free so one can at least try to see how it is.

Does anyone know when they're going to release the first content limited trial for Guild Wars 2? I know there's been weekend trials but I was thinking more of the line 'you can play until you hit level X' instead of 3 days limit.
anyone thinking about playing neverwinter when it comes out? I'm hopeing and praying it will be awsome, becuase its free 2 play AND dungeons and dragons!
ashout: anyone thinking about playing neverwinter when it comes out? I'm hopeing and praying it will be awsome, becuase its free 2 play AND dungeons and dragons!
The alpha tests show a lot of promise, though I've only done two so far. Tests tomorrow and Thursday, so hopefully I'll get to see more of the Sword Coast and get a better feel for the game... I'm only level 13 or so at the moment, so I haven't seen much of it yet. But damn, if it ain't gorgeous.
ashout: anyone thinking about playing neverwinter when it comes out? I'm hopeing and praying it will be awsome, becuase its free 2 play AND dungeons and dragons!
I might give it a try, but I'm starting to be more hesitant joining MMOs because they tend to eat up all of my free time.
At the moment, none.

First MMOG was WoW, I played that for six months, got bored. I tried it again last year at the insistence of a mate who's very much into it, it felt like the exact same game I left, didn't play it for longer than a couple hours before I was bored again.

Second MMOG was LotRO, that was very fun. Almost too fun, I ended up burning out on that after a bit over a year.

Third was Champions Online, I got a six month sub to guarantee beta access into my next MMOG, I played it for about 3 of those months, It just didn't draw me into it like a superhero MMOG attached to a comic IP I actually know.

Fourth was Star Trek Online, I will preface this one with the simple fact that I am a hopeless Trekkie. I got beta access to that thanks to the aforementioned six month sub to CO, I loved the beta. Got a lifetime sub, bought about 5 different copies for the various store only extras (a difficult prospect for someone not in the US who doesn't have easy access to the main stores that get exclusives). easily spent well over a grand on it. Overall i found it fun (I say that with rose coloured trekkie goggles on, really it's a very average game), but it lost it's charm over the years as the devs slowly turned into Ferengi.

Fifth was DCUO. This should go down in history as how to absolutely destroy a sure thing. It proves beyond any doubt that SOE will never learn from past mistakes or even past triumphs. The game itself is amazing, I cannot stress that enough, but it suffers from being run (into the ground) by SOE.

Sixth was TOR. I love the story, IMO they could easily have released this game as KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. and I'd have bought every one. But after the story there isn't really all that much that kept me there.

I've tried lots of others, but nothing long enough to warrant a mention.

Next one will probably be the Elder Scrolls MMOG. Even my mates that are glued to WoW are excited for this one.
My first ever MMO was Runescape. I remember logging into the game and walking around on Tutorial Island, learning how to build fires and cook my own food and defend myself. Within a week I was hooked. I still play it to this day and it still remains one of my favorite MMOs ever made despite how criticized it is.

I then began to dabble with bigger titles like Everquest (Not bad at all, it certainly has a lot of flaws considering its age but it is still fun), City of Heroes (Not bad, but I really hated the combat system), Guild Wars (One of my all time favorites with Guild Wars 2 being a stellar improvement in the right direction), and other big name titles.

I still play a Nexon game (Once owned by NDOORS I believe) called Atlantica Online, which has some of the best TBS fighting in an MMO ever and a fun, vibrant community. The quests are a tad repetitive, but the change in combat strategy keeps it fresh.

My brothers and I played Wizard101 for awhile before I got bored of having to buy areas or subscribe to a slow-paced, casual fighting game with deck customization (It was not a bad game, just rather repetitive as well).

I've played many F2P games to name and quit most of them all within a few weeks with the exception of Battle of the Immortals, a Perfect World produced Diablo clone with fun PvE content.

As far as quirky MMOs go, my only experience with those kind are with Glitch (Now closed down, with really ruined my day since it had some of the if not the best community members ever with lush hand-drawn graphics, great humor, and an excellent skill system similar to EVE where you were also able to speed up the learning time by praying to Giants) and the currently in beta Salem from Paradox (Needs a lot of improvement but I am waiting on it patiently).

I am really waiting on Path of Exile to be published in its entirety so I don't have to remake my main every time they release a major patch and on Project: Theralon.
I started with Guild Wars and loved that so of course bought Guild Wars 2 and play that every other week. I also play Path of Exile (not exactly an MMO) every few weeks too

Been liking the direction of City of Steam but closed beta has ended and I wish they'd hurry up and reach open beta

I've been addicted as heck to The Secret World since I purchased it at the end of December last year :D
I played Runescape with my nephew, and got pretty addicted. We were both rolling in money, and I had several high-ticket limited items which trade for insane amounts in game and in real life, when we both got hacked. The publisher wouldn't do anything for us, so I cancelled my subscription and never went back.

We played Anarchy Online for a bit, and I have to say, that was pretty good. I never really "got it", but I had fun with what I understood. I think it's still active actually.

Then, several years later we got into Lord of the Rings online. I had a blast with it, and actually was playing it exclusively when I hit my first Steam christmas sale. I decided (rightly so) that I would never have enough time to play my Steam purchases and LOTRO, and that I had to choose one or the other. I chose wrong.

I just dream of the money I would have saved playing LOTRO exclusively, and just giving a random person a $10 bill once a week in lieu of buying titles on Steam...
Right now? None. There was a time when I really enjoyed mmorpgs but that's a thing of the past.

I played Guild Wars back in the day and WoW on and off since vanilla, but it's been 2 years (give or take) since I touched WoW. I've tried lots of other games over the years, Perfect/Forsaken World and Allods first come to mind but didn't like any of them.

I have to say that Neverwinter and the Elder Scrolls Online look promising and I might give them a try. someday.
First MMO I played was Ultima Online. While the core gameplay was nothing to write home about, the game was like a great toolbox, allowing players to make their own fun with ease. It was a game very dependent on the players you played it with, but when you played it with great people, it was a great game. This is the MMO that kept me interested for the longest amount of time, simply because of the player base.

Then I tried Anarchy online. I did not like it.

Tested Tibia, and god was it boring. Got past the tutorial island, because people kept telling me that it would get better, but nope, it was just as boring.

Runescape was another one that I got lured into trying. Ugh, horrible horrible horrible.

Everquest was next. Too grindy, did not like it.

Guild Wars was the second MMO that manages to keep me interested for a while. It was the competitive aspect that I enjoyed, the Guild vs Guild battles, and I spent several evenings a week with my guild. We did manage to cross the top 100 guilds line.

Next up was WOW, a game that I got lured into by some friends of mine. The core gameplay never managed to engage me, I just played it for the people. Played a bit pre-TBC, then a bit during TBC and finally some during Wrath of the Lich king, but as soon as people wanted to move on to raids I would get bored. It was just too grindy.

Tried some Age of Conan, liked some aspects, but got bored with it.

Tried Warhammer Online, but got bored with it.
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