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high rated
5th is my birthday. I'll give some games. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW WHICH. (I don't even know, I'll look what serials I have)
Number of winners is a mystery too. Just POST to enter. I will give extra chances when I feel like. So this is it. GO!

Oh, and an apperitive:

Edit: No problem with low reps, regifting or entering for other people. (It's the same, because you can give it to anyone you want).
Post edited May 02, 2013 by Shiuman
Well. Let's see what is coming on... ;p
Posting! Thanks a lot and an early happy birthday from me!
Ooh exciting! Count me in! :3

...(hope it's not Daikatana...)
have to change my mind, I am in for triock...+rep
Post edited May 01, 2013 by buckstone
I would like to participate in this mystery too thanks a lot
I would like to enter for triock if that is allowed please ? +1
So mysterious.
Mysteries tempt the weak of will. And such a sweet weakness it is :P
Ian: I would like to enter for triock if that is allowed please ? +1
Thank you man! :D

And Happy Birthday in advance Shiuman.
You need to start drinking. NOW ! THAT'S AN ORDER !!!

Edit: POST !!!
Post edited May 01, 2013 by Licurg
"to enter"
Why not?! IN!

*flings poo!
im in, thank you!
Happy Birthday Shiuman!

count me in for the mystery

thanks for a giveaway!