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That video makes my ears bleed :(
Funny video. :b
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Okay, that is just plain ridiculous, verging on wrong. I am guessing that is some sort of church (or private school, I suppose) recital in France* (judging by the title and comments)? I always knew the French were a little off, but this just seals it for me, heh.
*I suppose it could be Quebec, too. But, to me, that is just a slightly different flavor of the same sort of crazy. ;)
Quick Edit: To any French/Quebecois offended: I am American, and I think everyone pretty much KNOWS we are batshit crazy. :P
Not So Quick Edit:
Ahh, they are The Little Singers of Paris. Yeah, okay, Parisians then? Yeah, definitely nucking futs. :)
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Meeeeeeeeeow eow.
I found it funny and.. downright incredible. How you can make something sound so good using nothing but meows. It's like words don't really matter because these kids showed their talent anyway playing cats.
I couldn't help laughing also at the short, small "meows" the dark haired kid threw around once in a while. The only thing missing was a "fsssst!" somehwre in there. :)
Buncha goddamn furries.
That was really stupid and boring. I don't understand why the audience found it amusing.
Weclock: Buncha goddamn furries.

Nah, not enough obesity and "yiff" usage. ;)
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Don't spoil the next song Miaghstir.
Krypsyn: Yeah, okay, Parisians then? Yeah, definitely nucking futs. :)

they probably have hot moms and sisters. just sayin'
It's obviously a joke song. I remember when I used to watch choir preparations for a musical in high school, and they produced...weird noises. Something connected to the diaphragm or something.
Anyway, kids obviously have talent. But they still creep me out. Who in their right mind would wear a robe and a gigantic cross and sing creepy altar songs with humorous musical oddities such as this at the same time? You're just asking to be beat up and put in people's nightmares. It's just unnerving.
Them crosses be scary, will they wield swords in a few years?
Bad joke:
MEOW! - That's what the priest said!
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I wasn't kidding, this is the same two kids..
this kind of 'EXTREME choir music" always reminds me of this sick russian singing :O