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high rated
Post whatever, must have at least 100 rep, there will be an exceptions list. Drawing will happen one day relatively soon.

EDIT: And remember to thank ZYZKryten, I won it in his giveaway a while back.


Post edited December 10, 2012 by Licurg
Really? Nobody?
Count me in.

Thank Licurg
Count me in too bro! And thanks! +1
btw. to encourage more participants. You may use your GameSpy serial to activate the game on steam. But on steam it will be only standard edition, afaik.
Thanks kindly. In.
Heck, count me in. Thanks ZYZKryten and Licurg.
Cool, thank you ZYZKryten and Licurg :-)
Not entering, I think I have it - just wanted to say thank you Licurg and ZYZKryten +1 :)
Count me in!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Licurg and ZYZKryten :D
Sure, I'll join too... ;p

Thanks ZYZKryten, and Licurg!...
Count me in, too!

Thanks, Licurg and ZYZKryten!
Thanksfor the chacne ZYZKryten and Licurg.
I'll join the fray - Thanks for the giveaway
Post edited December 08, 2012 by Lou
thanks for a giveaway!

count me in!
or someone send me Sacrifice pl0x ^_^