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And the winners are...

damien for A Game of Dwarves!
Warning_original for Gettysburg!
irlandezul for Street Racing Syndicate!
Malv0isin for Gun Metal!

After the randomizer had determined the winners for A Game of Not-Starring-Peter-Dinklage and Gettysburg and I'd moved on to the other two, the results came up for both those winners again, which was kind of funny to see. Luckily though, both those games had already been given away at that point - though even if one of them hadn't yet been, it would've been a little unfair if someone had won more than one, and I hope all the winners are happy with their games, even if it is just one. ;)

Meanwhile, I have a surprise for you all! I got these games from the Indie Gala Dwarves bundle, which just revealed one of the secret bonus games to be Defenders of Ardania (with a Steam key), a tower defense game. Since I'm not a fan of tower defense games, I'd like to give this one away as well. However, I am not going to start an entirely new thread just for this little fellow, and because it came with the other ones I've given away here, I will give this game to the first person PMing me about this game, as long as they tell me why they want it (telling me why they love tower defense games, for instance).

At any rate, it's been good. May the winners have fun with their games and good luck to all ye in future giveaways!

Morphin' out!
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Congrats to the winners and thanks again MorphysLaw.
Thanks and congrats to the winners !
Thank you again and congrats to the other winners :)
Welcome to the addictive world of GA's and GOG, MorphysLaw! Thank you for both of your giveaways - I must say, wrangling those gorillas must be super-fun! ;-) Congrats to the winners!
Thanks again MorphysLaw!
& Congrats to the winners!!!
Not in, but thank you for your generosity!!
The Defenders of Ardania has been claimed by AbdirahmanSL! All is done with now. Carry on. :)