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If you call wasting both our time hilarious, then yes, it was hilarious. But that's an awfully narcissistic sense of humor you maintain. Your choice of "fun" is likewise suspect. As I recently noted about you to another, the adolescent "power" of rebellion, of saying no, seems to be plenty fun enough for you.

And if my determined efforts to get you to correct a very minor but obvious mistake were absurd, consider:

1. That I'm not nearly the only person who wanted something done about it, as several fellow GOGers disliked your actions and were satisfied enough to sit back and let me try to deal with it in the face of apparent futility. And,

2. That it took a very reasonable moderator action from some "silly" GOG person for you to discontinue your "fun".

Perhaps, if you take a moment to reflect, you might find that the only thing absurd, hilarious, and silly about all this comes from your own warped lenses. Of course, that same view may make it difficult for you to see that clearly.
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ALL codes in this thread have been tested and have been confirmed as redeemed, including the hidden one above. You'll have to look elsewhere for Duke 3D.
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