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There is a chance that Downfall, the first game from the author of The Cat Lady will be coming to GOG. To give the game a little shoutout and promote it on the wishlist and to celebrate some great creepy releases of this October, I have a nice copy of Waxworks for a lucky winner (picked this game because there is a nice reference to it in Downfall :)

To enter:
- Be an adult horror fan :)
- Have reputation of 0 or above :)
- Post something - anything - creepy: link a nice creepypasta, draw a creepy image in MS Paint (or anything else)
- If you feel super-lazy and totally not creative, just post you're in :)
- Re-gifting and entering for others is totally allowed (as long as they are adult horror fans too :).

Optional obiective:
- Check out Downfall and vote for it on the wishlist if you'd like to see it on GOG.

Useful links:
Waxworks GOG page:
Downfall web page:
Downfall wishlist entry:

I'll probably consult to pick the winner (usually I like all the entries too much to pick one by myself).
Closing time - probably Monday, next week... but that's flexible :)
Novotnus: - Be an adult horror fan :)
adult horror sounds like a scary porno genre

very scary, should turn down your volume, put your fingers on alt-F4, you have been warned:

thanks for the chance! count me in
Post edited October 30, 2013 by oasis789
Novotnus: - Be an adult horror fan :)
oasis789: adult horror sounds like a scary porno genre
Nope, just gore :)
im in. sounds like a fun game.

ive always liked this creepypasta

I also voted, the game looks interesting,
Count me in.
Thanks for the g/a ;)

count me in!

thanks Giant Zombie Cat!
carl.jpg (38 Kb)
I'm in!

You know I'm sooo lazy, that's why I only say "I'm in". :D

Thank you Novotnus.
I'm in! LAZY FTW!

Thanks for the giveaway... +1 to you sir! :)
I'm in

I'm in, thanks for the giveaway Novotnus.

going to recycle my great pumpkin entry image, cause I'm lazy too. :)
pumpkin.jpg (55 Kb)
Thanks for the giveaway, Novotnus! Count me in :D

Since Uzimaki's already been mentioned here on the forum before, figured I should pay my dues:
Please count me in and take a look at this

Thanks Novotnus!