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Thanks for all the information about Downfall, I've just voted for it. Count me in for Waxworks, please.

Here's a disturbing Garfield comic strip from 1989...
I'm in. something creepy (from Downfall :p)

And already voted for Downfall.
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Cheers Creeper Cat! Not in though, but heres a link to one of my favourite audiobooks - mixing Lovecraftian weirdness with science fiction.
It's free and well put together by the author.

Edit: forgot to mention seems i voted already!
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triock: You know I'm sooo lazy, that's why I only say "I'm in". :D

Thank you Novotnus.
In for triock.

I never got what's so scary about wax? Or is "wax" just one of the English frak/smeg things ;-)
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Thanks for your generosity, Novotnus!

Here you go:

Please, count me in for Bigs. ;)
DeMignon: snip
Thank you.
Already have Waxworks but check out this movie for a good bit of horror fun: V/H/S
I'm in.
And keeping eye on you.
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I'm in, thanks for running the giveaway! +1

Oh, BTW... Long time horror/gore fan here. Fangoria FTW!

Favourite movies of all time:
The Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2
Army of Darkness
Dead Alive (a.k.a Brain Dead, one of Peter Jackson's first flicks)

I have the script of the first two movies memorized and recite it while watching. :) I have watched them probably 200 or more times in my life and can never get bored of them. Oddly, I have not yet seen the recent remake although I have it and need to prioritize that. :) Also, in case anyone hasn't heard apparently they are making an Army of Darkness 2! I also look forward to seeing Evil Dead The Musical one of these days and sitting in the "Splatter Zone" to get covered in fake blood.

Oh, one more thing... I grabbed a bunch of movies somewhat randomly one night without knowing what they were about or who was acting in them or directing them etc. One of them was Drag Me To Hell which I grabbed because the name says it all. Not far into the movie there is a scene in a parking garage and while the camera panned by I saw a car and it looked oddly familiar to me... I paused it to go take care of something and came back and when I sat down and looked at the car again I thought to myself "holy shit, that looks like Sam Raimi's Delta 88". I didn't think anything of it until a half hour later when I felt compelled to go on IMDB and look the movie up. What did I find? Directed by SAM RAIMI! LOL Now if that doesn't make me a huge Sam Raimi fan I dunno what will! :)

(For those who don't know, the car they're driving in Evil Dead was Sam Raimi's Delta 88 which he has kept and has had it as a cameo in almost every movie he's ever made with few exceptions. I was kind of blown away I recognized the car without knowing he was the director of the film to begin with. :)

Anyhow since this is a horror themed giveaway I thought some of you might appreciate the story. :)
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Thanks for the giveaway.
Count me in for Bigs.
I am 17, in the US that is considered old enough to buy an M-rated game. So, maybe I can enter? If so, here is the horror thing of my choice : The indie Halloween game I linked a video of was taken down about a week ago, likely due to copyright issues.
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Not in since I can think of something interesting :(
I'm in for triock