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A few weeks ago, my crazy[1] girlfriend had her first ultrasound.

Yup, you read that correctly.

All tests and scans and such have returned good news so far :)

To celebrate this announcement, I have procured a game code for Creatures: The Albian Years because.. well.. the parallels should be obvious :)

To win, suggest a name! It can be witty, funny, weird or even serious! The winner will be chosen by my girlfriend the first Friday of August :)

[1] After all, you do have to be crazy to want to have children with me!
'Grats on the kid, xyem, and thanks for the giveaway! :D

Groucho Marx. Don't care whether it's a girl or a boy, name it Groucho Marx. That is, if you wanna have the wittiest sonuvagun you'll ever see ;P

Not in and really can't think of anything smart or funny at the moment :(
Congrats, xyem! Not entering, but thanks for the giveaway!

Alexander if it's a boy or Alexandra if it's a girl.
Short: Alex

It's basically what I would have named my future daughter (wife is not pregnant, so farther in the future), but then it turns out we got a bunch of nieces already named Alex on her side of the family so I'll probably go with something else.

Why I like the name:
- it feels strong but not overly strong (to me at least)
- it has a nice short form. Many names get shorten to some diminutive crap, I can't stand it
- it's the type of name that you can find in a lot of other countries in some form or another (well, not in the asian countries :P ) and if he or she ever decides to move to another country, or simply travel around, people can actually pronounce Alex quite easily. To me this would be a requirement in case I decide to emigrate (probably not an issue for you).

Edit: Almost forgot. Not entering but thanks!
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I suggest Zelda if female, or James if male )
If male....... Worcestershire. Female, (1000) Island.

Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations.
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I can't be the only one who wants to be able to say: "My son/daughter is Chaotic Evil. I knew it the moment I saw him/her."

Anyway, congrats and best wishes. Also, not in, but thanks.
Congrats!I wont put a name,so im not in,but Congrats!
Congratulations!! You'll never have a proper vacation again. And no private life. And forget about sex. but congratulations, it's worth it :D
Not entering, but here are the names:

Ivy if it's a girl and Ivan if it's a boy ;)
Not in but +1 and congrats ;)

How about a name from King of Dragon Pass? Those are some cool Celtic names there - If it's a boy, Humakt or Orlanth, and if it's a girl, Ernalda .
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xyem: To celebrate this announcement, I have procured a game code for Creatures: The Albian Years because.. well.. the parallels should be obvious :)
You tinkered with the genome of your offspring? Or what are those parallels? ;-)

Seriously though. Congratulations and all the best for all three of you for the time to come! Not in, but if it's a boy I'd suggest to name him Turambar. Which means 'Master of Fate' - and who wouldn't want to be master of his own fate?

And if it's a girl you could name her Rînbaneth (Queen of Beauty). :-)
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congrats mate,

If it were a cat id have a suggestion but with humans I dont know, maybe if its a boy the Tyr?

Not in, but thanks.
Congratulation, xyem - and good luck! Thanks for the giveaway!

My suggestions are:

Ehren (the honourable)


Anitra (a name created by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen for his play "Peer Gynt")

EDIT: hehe, forgot to mention; not in... but +1 :-)
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