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Hi there,
I recently (ish) found a site called The Let's Play Archive and have been enjoying it. Mostly games that I've played before but enjoy watching - I thoroughly enjoyed AccountingNightmare's LP of Devil May Cry and VolcanoStyle's LP of Ratchet and Clank.
Does anyone know of more actual LP sites like this? I can find things on Youtube etc... but an actual site that this is decent is much better.
I'm also considering trying my own Let's Play. It was going to be Assassin's Creed but I'm halfway through that now and I didn't actual record any of it :p
Somebody played Daikatana? I love this site already.
I'm a triple-Ace player (PC, arcades) with currently now hardware capable of recording my performances. If you would like to finance me hence shorting the time needed to buy such hardware, I will make all of my plays available for free in high definition...
Just joking, more or less :-P
Let's Plays originated on the SomethingAwful forums. The first person to do one was slowbeef, who is now the moderator of the let's play forum there.
If you want to do your own let's plays the archive is a good place to look for examples, as it archives let's plays done, mostly, by people from SA. There are other sites, but their standards can be... Well, look up 'retsupurae' on Youtube for a sampling of the worst of let's play... :)
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Karlallen: Does anyone know of more actual LP sites like this?

Well, if you're into Amiga games, there's, which features... exactly what it sounds like ;-)
I've been following let's plays and longplays on Youtube and some other sites for a while. If you like, I can post some Youtube-users who have lots of the stuff, as well as links to a couple huge longplay sites.
There's also longplay DVDs that you can get on bittorrent (yes, it's legal).
A good longplay should do everything in a game and go virtually everwhere, even if it's not required to beat the game. This means finding all the secrets, for example, in a FPS.
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