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Does anyone else here enjoy watching these?
Essentially, they're videos (or screenshots) of people playing games, and adding audio/subtitled commentary to them. They come in all different styles, from insightful informative commentary, to mocking the game, to fanfiction... whatever the style though, they're really interesting to watch!
Most of the better ones are at the Let's Play Archive, but there's tons of them all across YouTube and other sites.
In the past six months or so, I've become addicted to them!
Post edited November 02, 2008 by Malorie
I find the 'people playing games' type pretty boring. It does not help with the video and audio quality and production values that go into these things.
However, in contrast the 'let's play' game walkthrus: where the player plays up to a certain point, then asks the community/forum/group 'where to next' are kind of fun in the old choose-your-own-adventure type of way.
This of course, really only works with open worlds / sandbox / rpg type of games as opposed to linear games.
I've been following a few of these, usually as they happen on the Something Awful forums, but only ever lurking because I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to pay for entry.
Screenshot LPs tend to work best, probably due to them being easier to produce than video LPs, which means people tend to do more interesting things with them, either out-and-out pisstakery like the Resident Evil LPs that are on the Archive, or the genuinely funny Sims 2 "Let's Play Big Brother" faux-reality show which hasn't quite made it there yet.