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Well, I'm not always douing a pirouette to look at a fine booty, but nobody can tell me that's sexist. Jeez.
Ever check out the stuff in a women's clothing store during the summer? I'd be willing to wager a lot of these women in short shorts are wearing them because the short shorts are the longest shorts the average clothing retailer has to offer in their size. Short shorts, sundresses, and form-fitting shirts. And little strappy shoes.

If men want to be ogled and told they look great, and women tend to get offended by it, they should just have men and women switch clothing sections. That'd fix everything! Sundresses for everyone! XD
I'm a sexy woman, so stop objectifying me!
There is sexism in gaming against females, but just looking (not leering) at someone and admiring is not sexist. Provided that one respects reasonable boundaries. Leering and staring are creepy. Slapping a random stranger is disrespectful. A quick glance at a good looking ass is fine, staring at it is creepy and disrespectful.

It is about respecting boundaries and allowing someone to keep their dignity.

Notice how I am trying to largely keep this gender neutral (with the exception of the first sentense), because it cuts both ways
Licurg: Question: Who the fuck is Jason Schreier and why would I care about any retarded crap that goes through his mind ?
RayRay13000: He's another useless guy at Kotaku, he also made a whole controversy out of the artwork of one video game (Dragon's Crown). Here's his response to the criticism he got
A female friend of mine said she wanted to buy this game. I actually pointed out the ridiculous proportions of the girls (the Amazon is even worse) and she said "meh so what? Lots of guys look sexy and buff in games too - girls like playing sexy girls as well". Good point - if men like to play handsome guys in games, why would women object to sexy girls in games? Few games use obvious bimbo-looking girls (and those that do get slammed badly for it) and it seems that many female gamers welcome attractive female PCs.
tfishell: I don't really understand why women wear short shorts or expose their cleavage if they don't want attention.
JMich: They feel comfortable with those clothes? They find such clothes practical?
More or less the same reason we all wear the clothes we wear. I find t-shirts practical thus I wear t-shirts. I do also enjoy wearing normal shirts or suits, but maintenance on them is a pain. Does that mean that when I wear a shirt I'm planning on being different than when I'm wearing my Wacken or Manowar t-shirt?
(I wonder if maybe this is a culture difference. Do the majority of women in Greece wear short shorts, or is it the norm there?)

If it's hot out, comfortable I can understand. I love wearing shorts - not short shorts, but shorts that come up to about my knees.

But at the same time, there are more modest alternatives like dresses, longer shorts (heh), or perhaps even unappealing clothing (the "short shorts" I'm familiar with tend to be pink or other bright colors meant to grab attention) that one could wear that wouldn't give people as much of an excuse to leer.

What do you mean by practical? I don't think a dress or many other articles of clothing that cover up more of somebody's body is any less practical than 4-inch long short shorts. Wash, dry, wear. Maybe if short shorts are the only article of clothing available in a certain region, and it's not practical to travel 100 miles to try to find something else.

"Does that mean that when I wear a shirt I'm planning on being different than when I'm wearing my Wacken or Manowar t-shirt?" Well, obviously you're still Jmich, a decent human being. But different clothing can suggest different motives, attitudes, etc. For instance, if you work in a professional office setting, generally there is a dress code of long pants and button-down shirt. And generally if you work there, you maintain a professional disposition. But if you're working outside, you wear a t-shirt and jeans because you don't mind those getting dirty. And if you're going to the beach, you might not wear any shirt or ... anything.

So you might not BE different, but you might be ACTING differently.

A girl wearing short shorts is most likely a decent person overall, but those shorts suggest (or have become known for) that this girl is looking for guys' attention, wanting to show off nice-looking legs. Or if she wears a significantly low-cut blouse exposing cleavage, the same thing is suggested.

I don't know how well I explained myself, but I definitely tried. As with the porn star discussion we had, I was somewhat brusque, although hopefully a bit less than last time.
Dashe: Sundresses for everyone! XD
LOL. Better than some of the casual stuff I see men wearing.

Seriously, I would really like it if women had more non-distracting clothing options. Stuff that's too tight, too short, etc, isn't usually very comfortable or fun to wear, basically the only advantage it has is that it attracts (the wrong kind of) attention. Seriously, fashion designers need to stop putting their fantasies out as clothing and start making stuff that feels and looks good.
tfishell: (I wonder if maybe this is a culture difference. Do the majority of women in Greece wear short shorts, or is it the norm there?)
I live in Crete. Current day temperatures is ~30 Celsius, and we haven't hit August yet. 37 Celsius (body temperature) isn't unheard of during August.
In December, usual low temperature is 4 Celsius, with the rare day of 0 (water turns to ice) to -2 Celsius. Normal winter temperature is 12 Celsius. So from March till October loose fitting clothes and/or short sleeves are normal, if not expected. Thus why I expect that most people who wear short clothes don't do it to attract attention, but because it's hot.

In P1na's example above, the girls that are shivering due to the clothes they are wearing are wearing those for attention. So while I don't deny that some people dress to draw attention, not all of us dress in that way to draw attention to ourselves.

More or less the part about wearing shirts when there's no dress code. Let's take a school for example.

The principal may wear a shirt or suit to set an example, but he can as easily be wearing a polo shirt to work. He doesn't (usually) have someone above him, thus he can wear what he's comfortable wearing.
The janitor won't wear a shirt for work, since he knows it will probably get messy, and noone is going to reprimand him for not wearing a shirt.
Most teachers will be wearing a shirt, because they think that is what is expected from them to wear. They either fear been reprimanded by the principal for improper attire, or they hope that by imitating the principal they will be viewed more favorably. What would the reaction to a t-shirt wearing teacher be? And why will we judge him differently than the others, especially if there's no dress code in the school?
And now there is a big controversy over one of the Penny Arcade guys saying biology determines gender.

It's internet outrage day!
Elenarie: How is that different to what happens out on the streets?
StingingVelvet: Someone caught it on camera and decided to be an ass about it.
Be an "ass" about it... HA!!!!!!
StingingVelvet: And now there is a big controversy over one of the Penny Arcade guys saying biology determines gender.

It's internet outrage day!
He already sorta apologized. He admitted he was being a jerk for no good reason.
Nice, that woman is brilliant!

I do that too. Whenever I think of a human trait, I imagine it not in our current historical context, but tens of thousands of years ago which is the context in which we evolved.
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dr.zli: I must admit, I just looked at one very sexy lady on the street and raised one eyebrow in silent regard and enjoyment of her curves. Should I go and report to the nearest police station?
HGiles: Only if you harassed her about it.

Admiration is one thing. Making remarks, wolf whistling in public, following, etc, those aren't cool. Cultural standards vary, but basically I think we can all agree that making a big deal out of how sexy a random stranger is isn't a good thing.
completely agree. I don't like it how modern trends make it that it's not cool to event glance at the member of opposite sex unless you want to be branded a sex offender.
Magnitus: Nice, that woman is brilliant!
I know. I like how she uses actual science to argue her point.
Kotaku says plenty of stuff.

They should hire people that do stuff.

I'm with Velvet who doesn't really care like other people should see other stuff, even in that releases Tomb Raider.

People say many things and it's insanity.

In some sense, people should actually play games and shut up. =)