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MysterD: IMHO, Amalur is a lot like Skyrim - an offline MMO, more or less. Of course, Amalur's combat feels MUCH better than Skyrim. Skyrim's combat feels clunky, while Amalur doesn't. Actually, the actual feel of the combat - especially w/ a gamepad - Amalur's better than 90% of the ARPG's out there, except maybe Dark Souls: PTD.

If you don't like these type of games that are mostly about you leveling your character up; the loot + quest grinding; getting lots of new loot to upgrade & swap out (Amalur does this better than Skyrim) - then I really just don't know why you're playing these games.
StingingVelvet: No, see, Skyrim is one of my favorite games of the last 5 years.

Skyrim's quests, dungeons and areas are much better designed. The plot isn't any better, but the writing is quicker and more to the point, and the lore is arguably far more interesting. Also the combat in Skyrim is ten times better for me because it's first person and based on movement and choice, rather than combos and special moves like a console action game, which I tend to hate.

Everything is subjective ;)
Yep - everything is subjective.

Keep in mind - Skyrim's lore and books are actually good and been building-up in size since the OLDER ES games. I really can't say the same about their dialogue and voice-acting - which has always been all over the place.

Also, I know you like 1st person (and so do I, as well) - but Skyrim can be put into 3rd person, if you really want. ;)

I have no problem w/ games deciding to go into 3rd person, 1st person, or whatever - it's whatever makes the game work, IMHO.

I'm also glad Amalur's combat is MUCH DIFFERENT than say Skyrim - relying on combos, special moves, and stuff of that nature. I didn't need every ARPG to be like every other ARPG out there. I'm glad Dark Souls is brutally precise and hard - well, at times, I might not feel like that, when DS gets overly frustrating me. ;) I'm glad Dragon Age: Origin is much more strategic and full-control party-based. You get my point, though.

About Skyrim's dungeons - I don't know, sometimes they have that Dragon Age 2 problem - i.e. they look & feel recycled. Even the puzzles w/ the claws feel like that sometimes, too.\

Don't get me wrong here - I do love Skyrim.
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Played KoA for about 15 hours, couldn't take the mmo feel of it anymore, uninstalled it.

I'm finding as I dig deeper into EA's game catalogue most of their games are ones I don't like, usually because they're too generic and try to branch out to too many different audiences, KoA being one game doing so.