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Congratulations to you man
Best of wishes to you enterprise2004...Just remember:
"Red sky at night, sailor's delight,
Red sky at morning, sailor's take warning."
That's what my dad always told me and he was in the Navy during Nam (Army too, lol), and his dad was in the Navy for both Korea and it must be true. ;-P

Oh and Congratulations! :D
Outstanding job on surviving Boot, shipmate :) I spent roughly a decade in the Navy and got out around 98'ish. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) on F-14 Tomcats. Fighter Squadron Eighty Four (Jolly Rogers) was my sea duty command. Here is a pic of one of those beautiful birds. That pic was from an airshow where an old "Jolly Roger" Corsair from WWII was flying with a modern "Jolly Roger" tomcat. You can see the bones insignia on the corsair near the propeller.
Here is a pic of POTUS Clinton visiting us before heading out in support of the Yugoslav Wars around March '93.

I went to boot camp in the late 80's towards the end of the Cold War. Back then the Navy had boot camps in San Diego, Great Lakes, and Orlando. The recruiters tried to send me to Great Lakes in the middle of winter. I refused to sign-up unless the recruiter got me a spot in San Diego so they complied :) It wasn't all for weather reasons as I had a brother that lived out there back then.

Choosing San Diego for boot camp would come back to bite me later when I discovered I couldn't understand a word that my Company Commander with a thick Filipino accent spoke. As a result of his frustrations with trying to communicate with me I was constantly doing push-ups and being sent to Marching Party (heavy exercise and calisthenics) - especially the nights when the SEALS were running it. Although it sucked for me at the time, the sitcom-esque humor of it wasn't lost on me either. I remember on Christmas Eve night being dogged physically by SEALS while they made us sing Christmas carols all together - good times :)

Back then electronic greeting cards (cards that played a midi-like digital song when opened) were a new thing. When the recruits would go the store they would open all of the various cards that played "Anchors Aweigh" (Navy Theme) so there would be scores of them playing all out of sync. It was a horrible sound that haunts me still to this day :)
Aliasalpha: Does the navy get the 'jesus loves nukes' lesson like the air force does?
Man From LOX will still go down as the best Navy training flick ever. Be careful squeamish viewers - LOX is liquid oxygen that is highly volatile/explosive around carbon fuels and the end of it shows a real human barely alive after an explosion.
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