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akhliber: I appreciate the kind words! And today just got awesome out of nowhere. My wife tried to get in touch with NPR public radio yesterday to update our information so our donation is billed to the right account...

And dude from NPR just called back, told me info was updated, and also that my wife just WON AN IPAD MINI. I would have thought it was a scam call had she not spoken to the man yesterday. This is totally gonna make her day. It's been a week of good energy all around, it seems. :)
Whaaat? That's so awesome! :D Congrats to you both!

Oh, fyi, one of the best racing games evar is free on iOS

It's pretty versatile, so she might like it even if she's a non-game playing person :]
I love reading threads like this. Good to hear that GOG has been more than just a standard run-of-the-mill gaming site.
You're welcome, best of luck with your recovery.