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Hello all,

The Great Sky Being is spraying the white stuff, so I thought I'd celebrate by giving away a copy or two of Syberia. It really is an awesome game, if you haven't played it then please enter. I'm going to be doing fewer giveaways this year, focussing more on quality rather than quantity (though I may pop into the Ninja Giveaway on tuesday to wish it a happy birthday). Mainly because there are way more giveaways nowadays.

The giveaways I always enjoyed were when you had to define a word with a picture. So on with the game, the word to define is: Monstrous!

I'll pop back in a day or two to award prizes, no defined cut off, just when I decide.

One entry per person, feel free to edit it to pick a better one.
I almost bought Siberia the other day so obviously I'd love to have it, but how do I enter? Or did I just? Oh and being in the north woods I get the thread title but there are some folks in So Cal who probably think this thread is courtesy of Amber Waves and Roller Girl.
Good title LOL =))

Not in but +1
tinyE: snip
"The giveaways I always enjoyed were when you had to define a word with a picture. So on with the game, the word to define is: Monstrous! "
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Thanks for giveaway, I'm in. +1
OK. When thinking to define the word 'monstrous' with a picture, I spontaneously thought of this one (quite well known) picture:

Having Fun!

He might not look like a monster. But if you have seen the movie ... well. I think it fits.

(Oh, and +1 of course :-) )
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Cool, here goes, and it comes with a question, what exactly IS the monstrous item in this picture? You decide!
monster.jpg (28 Kb)
I've heard to much nice things about both Syberia games. Never really had time to look at them in depth just glanced over them at a hurry. I intend to fix that mistake of mine soon. :)
It is interesting what sort of images sprout from searching "monstrous" - Here is one. It caught my eye with Arcanum and I thought of the game :)
To explain the word with a picture is not so easy task. But lets try it: clicky
Thanks for the chance to win such good games.
Think this is the dictionary definition...
Not entering. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to the entrants.
+1 for the title :)
Great game by the way, already have it so obviously I'm not in, but I couldn't resist uploading the first image that came to my mind when I saw the word monstrous.
I will be following the thread for the "monstry" pictures.
I'm in. Never played the game.
from The Thing.
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When I think of monstrosity, this George Lucas edit comes to mind.
When I think about Gog.. It's a piece of cogs.

You know.. I once.. Well somebody hate it so much that he or she made it sounded so good so nowadays I own.. Well I don't own much but that wasn't the point.

Anyway.. White stuff only can be melted legos. =)
not in but +1

as for monstrous, first thing that comes to my mind is "Bridget Jones's Diary"
Not in, but what about these:
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