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OK let me explain as best as I can:

I notice these internet gaming celebraties like JonTron and Angry Game Nerd and Egoraptor and so on and so on, but they always focused on classic consoles games from NES to N64, I have never anyone like them doing the same thing for PC gaming, like say someone like Angry Game Nerd reviewed Ultima 2 that would be interesting or someone like JonTron prasing Fallout 1.

Is there anyone like these guys do the same thing for Old School PC gaming?
I'm sure you already know about this but Spoony did a few old-school PC games:

Primarily riffs, but he did an excellent retrospect of the ultima series.
Well there is LazyGameReviews

Also his website is like old MS-Dos :)
Maybe not exactly the same style of review, because I was into consoles and don't know that folks, but for some good ol' pc reviews I can recommend

Lazy Game Reviews:
Matt Chat:

Pixelmuseumt is about old games reviews, while LazyGames includes also newer games. Matt Chat is great to get some details thanks to devleopers interviews.

Edit: Terpor was faster with LazyGamer ;-) And Spoony has also some nice other reviews (some FMVs like Ripper) beside his beloved ultima-series.
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Lazy Game Reviews and Matt Chat are my favourites
To my knowledge no, you don't have anyone in their general style. Spoony is most likely the closest you'll get.
For some strange reason, PC game reviewers tend to act a lot more mature and professional, I guess that says something about the mental maturity of the average console gamers *is intentionally saying rude things about console gamers to act like a PC-elitist, don't take it seriously*

The above mentioned Lazy game reviews & Pixelmuseum are good for reviews of old(ish) PC-games. Matt Chat is not really a review show, though he has done a few of those as well.
Angry Joe does both PC and console games, usually of the cross-platform kind. Some of them like Faster than Light and Civilization V are PC-exclusive, however.
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Thunderstone: I'm sure you already know about this but Spoony did a few old-school PC games:

Primarily riffs, but he did an excellent retrospect of the ultima series.
Way too many people mentioning him in the Ultima 9 reviews, though, imo. (At least, I assume these are references to him.)

"What's a paladin?", hurr hurr

"EA killed Ultima! :D" What the f##k is up with the smiley face? That has always bothered me.

Thunderstone: Primarily riffs, but he did an excellent retrospect of the ultima series.
He did a spectacular work on people remembering to question the function of holy warriors.
Titanium: 'snip
tfishell: 'snip
I knew after I posted that that someone was going to bring up the fanbase's reaction. Just because the fanbase is nutty, doesn't mean it still wasn't a decent retrospective. His reasoning for not liking the direction EA took the series seems solid to me, but I agree the fanbase took his review too far (the memes and spam >< ) and I bet many of them never even played the games. I was trying to ignore that.
Well, if you speak French, the Joueur du Grenier (who's pretty much the French equivalent of AVGN) did a few PC games. He did Jurassic Park: Trespasser during his Jurassic Park episode ( and did a special of Simulation games on PC (Geo-Political Simulator: Rulers of Nations (a politics simulator), Euro Truck Simulator (truck driving simulator), Toilet Tycoon (shitter managing simulator), Emergency Ambulance Simulator and a few words on Bus & Cable Car Simulator) ( That last episode was particularely funny (the Toilet Tycoon game is completely nuts and the various simulators (particularely the Ambulance one) were incredibly buggy).
Why do people keep forgetting Ancient DOS Games? The episodes are released once per week (and at this moment will only continue until episode 150), but the games reviewed are classics, well presented, linked to GOG and often advice is given on how to configure them in the best possible manner, as well as the ups and downs of gameplay and other tidbits of advice. I highly recommend it.
de_Monteynard: Why do people keep forgetting Ancient DOS Games?
DukeNukemForever remembered. :D

Also, thanks OP, I too have been looking for some classic-PC-gaming-show type things.
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Indeed he did. My apologies to the Duke. I'm not not used to see him under his site, rather than show name. For example, it would be like saying Cinemassacre instead of AVGN.
LGR is the best. Around. Nothings ever gonna bring him down.