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Prydeless: Actually it was Stardock that owned Impulse. Paradox owns Gamersgate, or did. Didn't know they were no longer related.
Right. Sorry about the mixup.

BTW, GG is selling NWN Diamond for $3.38 today.

Oh, and I just realised that Bioware no longer supports any of the old games (BG, NWN), which is an even better reason to have more up to date versions which are already patched. At least the forums are still up.
Post edited December 12, 2011 by ET3D
ET3D: Paradox had Impulse, which was bought by GameStop.
Stardock had Impulse before it was bought out by Gamestop.
GamersGate dropped the prices so low today that I couldn't resist. I didn't buy the complete collection, because I managed (with the help of this thread) to convince myself I didn't need it. But I did buy NWN2 Platinum for $3, and used the coins I had plus $2 to buy Baldur's Gate II Complete (so cost $2 instead of $2.49). So $5 for these two collections. What I love about GG is that NWN2 is listed as a collection of 3 games, and I can gift each of them separately. Since I already have NWN2, I can gift that. (Doesn't work that way for BG2, unfortunately.)