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Or not?
It's a Steam activated game, so yes. It requires Steamworks.

Edit: Retail dvd version has securom, and the serial key can be activate in steam.
Post edited November 26, 2012 by olanorig
GamersGate base version is SecuROM protected only, but you can't play any of the DLC with that version.
My boxed copy is steam independent, as is the DLC that came with it (though you need to download the DLC from their website, it is not on disc...)
Retail + first two DLC (or all four?) = no, they us gamespy

GOTY = yes
I have a retail of Borderlands 1, it doesn't involve steam in any way on my copy. In fact I can actually activate Borderlands 1 on an offline PC with a USB flash drive taken to a PC with internet access.

DLC content for it can be purchased on the official site for it, (still haven't done it though)

Borderlands 2 is steam dependent though sadly... regretfully.
Those who say it's a steamworks game are lying to you, i have borderlands 1 installed and can play it 100% fine ONLINE without steam.

My disc which i got for christmas by my big brother never even required internet activation for ofline singleplayer :)
No, and it's pretty much the perfect example of why multiplayer games SHOULD BE, no matter what anyone says. Fucking Gamespy? What is this, 1996?
Borderlands is not Steamworks. Borderlands GOTY is Steamworks IIRC.