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gooberking: I'm not underestimating it, I suggesting that Pixar's needs are different than the guy living in apartment 4B. Most people don't need to run Zbrush and Maya, or code android aps on 5 custom built rigs per 1 person. Most people don't need something as specific as a PC, they just need a computer. That's really all a tablet is, a small computer sans a keyboard(which can be remedied) Its evolution and refinement of the form not the extinction of it. In fact is the very personification of the sifi geeks futuristic fantasies. To have computers that fit in the palm of your hand.

Are you honestly suggesting that Animated movies will disappear if people embrace compact systems and Intel integrates CPUs with motherboards?
Elmofongo: That was my worst case scenerio:

Sadly these tablets are closed platformed as fuck. No modding and no freedom, even though I have no skills in that stuff, I agree open source is the true path to innovation.

Also sometimes people want to customize there computers, where else am I gonna get a game like Far Cry 3 at max settings?

And my idiot side says tablets should not even exist because they never severed a need that smartphones already served. Ipad is a fucking ripoff scam.
Some devices are quite closed, but that doesn't mean that every device has to be. We can have more modest, tightly integrated hardware, and still have software freedom. Those two things aren't one and the same. We are talking about fewer giant, serviceable boxes, and more laptops, that is all.

And just because it may become harder for people to puzzle their own rigs together doesn't mean powerful rigs won't exist. It just means a few people may miss out on the fun of building their own systems.
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KingOfDust: Sometimes I wish I could set the world on fire. A big, nice, warm fire. With relaxing crackling sounds.
Kaliosmasteris: Some people just want to see the world burn ,- Alfred
When we've destroyed the last open platform for gaming and dedicated graphics cards lie in ruin, you have my permission to die.
oldschool: Interesting read. If this happens, personally, I won't be at all surprised. Apple has been doing this for years (think original Macintosh '1984). This might be yet another 'The sky is falling' story that was misinterpreted by some industry guru that was some how mis-quoted. I guess we'll all find out over the next two years.

Fun fact: The original Macintosh didn't even have a case fan lol. No, I'm not bashing Apple, I'm just pointing out a obscure fact about the Mac.
wodmarach: Board producers were informed earlier this week and confirmed that Broadwell is BGA. No matter how you look at it this is a bad thing, want to buy a good chip and stick it in a cheap board till it you can afford a better one? not any more! do it the other way around? Hell no! want to sell on the processor after a slight upgrade? nope not allowed... and so on. Fixed set up computers might as well be consoles.
Yeah, I read that. I kept saying to myself "No, no and oh no" over and over. The thing that scares the shit out of me is AMD is faultering, if they go out of business the end effect for consumers will be all bad.
who cares? I buy AMD.......
Lenny "AMD" Bruce is not afraid.