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Ash360: Ended up buying it and have just played all that I can of it so far. Pretty good quality from what I was expecting, only a couple minor visual glitches. I like it so far; the quests/puzzles are fun, plenty to explore and find, not the best combat of its type ever but decent enough.

Edit: Oh and the editor, only had a quick look at it, not something I'm real interesting but I like that it's there for players to make their own content to share.
reaver894: What visual glitches and where, id like to see if it is in mine too, I didnt spot any.
Well in one area, Smithy I think, there was a shell next to a river, it would clip in front of the hill when it should have been behind it. And there was a flower in another place, it's bit hard to explain, it was on top of a hill but when you move things shift around and it was shifting differently than everything else around it.
Driftmoon has reached 5th alpha version!

Major features this time around include Mod Screen featuring one click mod installation, Quest Log, Quest progress dialog and Automatic Updates. There's also new preview video showcasing the newly added features.

• The One Mod Screen: One click mod installation!
• Display settings screen.
• All petrified people are now grey.
• Quest Log, and quest progress dialog.
• Tripled day length and made torches last a lot longer.
• The inventory now shows how much of a torch has been used.
• Smoother minimap controls.
• You can now choose the distance at which Fizz follows you.
• Automatic Updates: The game will let you know when a new version of Driftmoon is available, and it can be installed with the click of a button.
• Improved tutorial messages, and the ability to close them.
• Fixed the crash, that happened when selling by dragging to shop inventory.
• Ceilings get out of the way when moving close to a building, making it easier to spot doors.

Modding changelog:

• Convenient mod distribution system: Upload your mod (instructions available in the game), and it's easy for others to start playing it (and comment to you)!
• Fixed bug: Comments to conditions no longer affect script results.
• All the textures and sounds currently in the mainmod folder will remain there from now on, so you can safely use all of them in your mods.
• Daylight cycle and day length can now be set in the mod settings.
First official demo in now available:

go get.
Is it in beta already? How's the state of the beta? Can the game be completed?
I watched the trailer - the game looks ok BUT something is wrong with character's movement - it is kind of unnatural...
Ive had driftmoon for a while (early alpha iirc) i enjoyed what was done then, i had a few problems and Ville was able to fix them quickly. I believe he also made a slight change due to that so i assume it wasnt just me. Ill need to update it and have another go
Just completed the demo. Me gusta. A bit on the easy side, but engrossing enough for me to want more.

I do wish you could zoom the camera out a bit more though
lowyhong: Is it in beta already? How's the state of the beta? Can the game be completed?
It is stable and playable, but as far is I know it can not be completed yet. The last thing I heard is that the last chapters are still in development.
This looks very cool. I downloaded the demo just now and will take it out for a spin soon.

I loved Baldur's Gate and Ultima VII. It's nice to hear this takes inspiration from those classics.

I hope this turns out well and makes it way to success on Steam. That would be nice.
Done.... these guys have some serious talent!
I think this game has been drifting into obscurity a little again, so for social justice and the greater good, I am bumping this thread shamelessly and dropping two links
Driftmoon had a major update yesterday, and is now close to release (version 0.900). The very last chapter is still missing, but it is shaping up very nicely indeed. (

Does people know that it is moddable and comes with an editor?
so cruel of you to bring my attention to this lol :)

Just been through the website, looks great. I have a few RPGs already, and being a slow player, I am not going to pre-order. However, I will be buying this at some point, so thanks for the heads up :)

It is also wonderful to see he he won an award for his ongoing contribution to the gaming world :)

Recognition like that, of talent, hopefully will ensure that us "mere mortals" will have wonderful games to play for many years to come.
It went up for pre-order on GamersGate a few days ago.

I saw the video a couple of months ago and thought it looked like a very good game then. I'll probably buy it, but will wait until it's released to see what others are saying about gameplay. It looks very promising, though.
First review, quite positive -