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THOUSANDS of hours of classic RPG gameplay for as little as $7.37!

One of the most prominent reasons people play computer role-playing games, is to escape the reality of our world and immerse oneself in a completely different realm, that will let you lead a different life for hours and hours. But what makes for a believable fantastic land? It's not the graphics, it's not the controls, it's not even perfect acting of non-player characters. It's a large, complex, and living gameworld, filled with enthralling and deep stories that makes it easy for the gamer to jump realities. Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software figured it out years ago, and--with the help of his colleagues of Spiderweb Software--continues to provide us with such worlds since the year 1994. Today, we offer you the chance to complete your collection of Spiderweb Software RPG Epics, with up to 80% off discount, for the next 24 hours. You can also get just one of the three sagas with 70% discount, or two of them with 75% discount. As usually, if you already own one or more items in the promo, you can complete your bundle with the higher discount rate!

Avernum: The Complete Saga tells an epic story of an underground prison colony. Each chapter presents a turning point in Avernum's history placing the player's party of adventurers at the center of events, making them overthrow tyrants, defend the land from vile demons, discover ominous schemes, meet strange creatures, and accumulate the power needed to change the fate itself. The series consists of two lengthy trilogies, hundreds of hours worth of gameplay each, and an additional title, The Blades of Avernum, that gives you six shorter additional scenarios and a tool to design your own adventures, prolonging your experience indefinitely.

Avadon: The Black Fortress is one of the biggest cRPG games out there. It tells the story of an agent of the fabled Black Fortress, a keeper of your land and protector of its people. Some may call you a hero, other may see a villain in you, but what's important is to keep your homeland safe from all who might threaten its peace. Its impressive complexity and a rich world filled with adventure that it presents you, puts it on par with the greatest cRPG titles of the good old days. When it comes to gameplay, its classic turn-based system proves to be perfect, and all role-playing fans will feel right at home with it. This is classic PC gaming!

Geneforge 1-5 takes everything you love about classic isometric RPGs and adds a truly original setting and gameplay mechanics. You're playing either the role of a powerful Shaper, commanding an army of his creations, or a Rebel who fights a seemingly lost cause of freeing the world from the flesh-twisting magic. Either way, you'll be exploring a complex and vast gameworld filled with masterfully crafted quests offered by innumerable NPCs. Five lengthy and immensely satisfying games in this collection!

Thousands of hours of classic PC RPG gameplay that Avernum: The Complete Saga, Avadon: The Black Fortress, and Geneforge 1-5 offer is probably the ultimate value an old-school role-playing fan can get for their money! The Spiderweb Software RPG Epics promo lasts until Thursday, July 25, at 9:59AM GMT.
For those who missed Humble weekly. :p
Got them all already. So far I've only finished the first Geneforge but I loved it! I should really find some time to play other Spiderweb games...
Spiderweb RPGs collectively ate up hundreds of hours of my childhood. Nice to seem them getting so much attention lately.
The original Exile trilogy are also free on the official website.
triock: For those who missed Humble weekly. :p
Or that Indie-RPG from the summer sale. Ok, I believe the discount was lower and there were some other games in there. GOG should maybe ask Jeff to include the hintbooks.

Edit: The Avernum link seems to broken, I get the error page. It's missing the "the" before the complete in the link.
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Amazing promo GOG.
How do you do it?
If I hadn't gotten the Humble weekly I'd be all over this.
Just a heads up, we also got our 3rd release this week, though the newspost seems to be delayed.
jamsatle: If I hadn't gotten the Humble weekly I'd be all over this.
This :(.
triock: For those who missed Humble weekly. :p
Which also included Nethergate: Resurrection, and the remake of Avernum 1, for less then this :p
triock: For those who missed Humble weekly. :p
hunvagy: Which also included Nethergate: Resurrection, and the remake of Avernum 1, for less then this :p
And also hintbooks.
Amazing, I always wanted to try these out and this sale helps a lot. Thanks gog.
Nice, you own all games from this promo.

In next week's promo please sell me some time to really play them. Thank you!
triock: For those who missed Humble weekly. :p
Anyone who did shall be punished later when bundles include these games :p