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Kiitos pelejä :)
Suomalainen metalli musiikki kiviä, erityisesti Children of Bodom!!

Well it's hard to choose a music, so I will go with two Bands I enjoy a lot, Children of Bodom and Ensiferum :D

The game that I'm interested is Eador: Genesis.

Thanks and plus one \m/
Music, something by Tasavallan Presidentti. Maybe this one:

I'm gonna cheat a bit on the finnish and just choose one of their albums I like the title of, Magneettimiehen kuolema. :p

And in for Eador. Thanks!
Thank you for the giveaway. I'm in for all the games!

1) Voin vihdoin puhua suomea! :) (I can finally speak Finnish)

2) I don't know much about Finnish music so here it is a song I liked: Paavoharju - Ikkunat näkevät
Thespian*: Could it be a song in English of a Finnish group? I love the songs of Poets of the Fall: Late Goodbye

PS: Just in case, a song of Nightwish in Finnish (a band I like, too):
Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
I enjoy Poets of the Fall also :) Nightwish is pretty good too :) Good choices, Thespian!
Kaulaani sattuu helvetisti alkaen maanantaina. Uriah Heep came into town, and gave a great show!

Speaking of 70s rock:
Wigwam - Colossus

And I'm in for Flatout, cheers!
Viva Suomi ikuisesti

Do you like the Viva in there too? A little Spanish/Portuguese action going on.

I'm in for Eador: Genesis

*Also Finnish is supposed to be one of the hardest languages in the world to learn.
AAAAANNNNDDD You guys have reindeer herders.... #Jealous #SantaIsFinnish
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Thank you very much for Eador: Genesis, Adzeth! :-)
The winners have been decided and should have received their gift code PMs.

The winners are:
Flatout - triock
Shadowgrounds - Wartath
Eador: Genesis - Vorax

As a fun addition, here's rough translations for what people wrote that wasn't already translated:
Finnish - English
Jotain - something
Anteeksi, uskontoni kieltää saunomisen - Sorry, my religion prohibits using a sauna
Kiitos peleistä - Thanks for the games
Missä muruseni on - Where is my "crumb-ling"
Kiitos paljon - Thanks a lot
Satumaa - Dreamland
Rakentaa mies tuleen, ja hän tulee lämmin päivä. Mies tuleen, ja hän lämpimästi hänen loppuelämänsä. - Build a man into a fire, and he it's going to be a warm day. Man into fire, and he warmly his remaining life.
Sinä olet minun sankari - You're mine, hero
Hakkaa päälle pohjan poika! - Beat on it ("=go get 'em, tiger") bottom's son!
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää, Suomen! - Happy Independence Day, Finland's.
yritä olla ei ole saada liian humalassa - try to be it isn't get laid when too drunk
kiitos isännöivä kylkiäinen! - thanks, giveaway that's acting as a host
lisättynä yhdellä - with one added
Hyväksi kansojen oikeutta päättää heidän vapauttaan - For good, people's right to end a part of their (some other their than themselves) freedom
ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT - The hammers of the underworld
Turmion Kätilöt - Midwifes of ruination
pirun nyrkki ! - devil's fist !
Kiitos lelu Haluan - Thanks, toy, I want
Tämä kylkiäinen on mahtava - This giveaway is mighty
kuolema tekee taiteilijan - death makes a/the poet
On ihana päivä - Its a wonderful day
Isoja kaloja kannattaa pyytää vaikkei saisikaan - Big fish are worth trying to catch even if you don't get any
Laske minut! Kiitos ja +1 teidän anteliaisuutta - Count me! Thanks and +1 of your generosity
Tosin en ole itsenäisyyspäivää moneen vuoteen viettänyt. - Although I haven't celebrated Independence Day in many years.
En voi puhua suomea! - I cannot speak Finnish
En edes tiedä, miten puhua portugali - I don't even know, how to speak Portugal.
Miksi Suomen kansa juo niin paljon? - Why does the Finnish populace drink so much?
Potilas tarvitsee parantaa hänen istuu suvaitsevaisuutta ensin. - A patient needs heals his sits some tolerance first.
Annan Vuodet - "Anna's years" or "I'll give the years"
Kiitos pelejä - Thanks some games
Suomalainen metalli musiikki kiviä, erityisesti - Finnish metal mucis stones, especially
Tasavallan Presidentti - President of the Republic
Magneettimiehen kuolema - The death of Magnet man
Ikkunat näkevät - Windows see
Kaulaani sattuu helvetisti alkaen maanantaina - My neck will hurt like hell starting next monday
Viva Suomi ikuisesti - Viva Finland forever

That took a bit longer than I expected :p

Sadly, translators can't really handle the peculiar way Finnish uses words, but at least the results are somewhat funny. Thank you all for participating, and have a nice Independence Day of Finland even if it doesn't really concern you :)
Thank you Adzeth for Flatout and congrats to other winners.
Kiitoksia! (Thank you!) :)
Congrats to the winners and thanks for the giveaway!

You help make GOG special!
Congrats to the winners, and thanks again, Adzeth!

Braussie: I enjoy Poets of the Fall also :) Nightwish is pretty good too :) Good choices, Thespian!
Thanks, Braussie! Nice new avatar you've got there. ;)
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Well done!
Very good game gifting thread.

Congratulation to the winners and happy Finnish Independence day.
Congrats to the winners, and thanks Adzeth for the giveaway!
Vähän myöhässä, mutta hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! Olin taas liian humalassa sinä päivänä >_<. Kiitos peleistä :).

And no, I'm not Finnish, but I'm dating a Finnish person, and studying Finnish. So yes, my Finnish is atrocious, thank you very much ^^.

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks again, Adzeth!