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happy Independence Day of Finland!

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää, Suomen!
yritä olla ei ole saada liian humalassa.
kiitos isännöivä kylkiäinen!
lisättynä yhdellä

2 - favorite Finnish song:
Eternal Tears of Sorrow - A Virgin and a Whore - The River Flows Frozen

in for (in order of priority):
Eador: Genesis
Thanks Adzeth and happy day!

I don't know if it has much sense:
1. Hyväksi kansojen oikeutta päättää heidän vapauttaan


3. In for Eador: Genesis
I'm in for Eador, thanks!

My entry that covers both of your points is:

Turmion Katilot is my fav Finnish industrial metal band :P But If that doesn't count, than I'll say... hmm...

pirun nyrkki ! :P
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Kiitos lelu Haluan:

Song: Nightwish - Nemo

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First of all =)
You rock, tämä kylkiäinen on mahtava!

My favorite song is probably this one, although it's hard to choose =):
H.I.M. - When Love And Death Embrace -->

Now for games. They all sound great.
My first choice would be Eador: Genesis
If not available, then I'll settle for Shadowgrounds which looks great too =)
I'm in for Eador: genesis

and I am gone go two for one:
favorite finnish song with it finnish title
kuolema tekee taiteilijan by Nightwish
I'm in for Eador or Flatout. Thanks. +1

On ihana päivä. (should be Have a wonderful day)
There are still people who don't have Shadowgrounds? I guess that Frozenbyte hasn't made enough of an effort when giving away all these free keys.
Let's take a sample of the lyrics of one of my favourite finnish song "Lapin kesä":

Muualla tulta säihkyy harmaahapset
Vanhoissa hehkuu hengen aurinko
Meil' ukkoina jo syntyy sylilapset
Ja nuori mies on hautaan valmis jo
(by the poet Eino Leino)

In English it crudely goes like this:
Why elsewhere elders have fire in their hearts
The old folk's spirits shine brightly
In our country babies are very old even when they are born
And the young man is already prepared for the grave

Here's the song for you also Lapin kesä.

I'm in for Shadowgrounds, thank you!

"Darkwoods My Betrothed"


Maybe, "Nightowl"

Soming Finish?
"Isoja kaloja kannattaa pyytää vaikkei saisikaan."
But I admit I googled that.

I already have Eador but I would go with another copy (gift thing) if it is not too much to ask for.
Laske minut! Kiitos ja +1 teidän anteliaisuutta, Adzeth!

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

Could it be a song in English of a Finnish group? I love the songs of Poets of the Fall: Late Goodbye

PS: Just in case, a song of Nightwish in Finnish (a band I like, too):
Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan

My order of preference would be:
- Eador: Genesis
- Flatout
- Shadowgrounds
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1. Count me in! Kiitos, ystävä! ("Thanks friend"?)

2. Favorite song, "Nemo" by Nightwish (they are Finning, I think?)

Also, I'm in for Eador! +1
Not participating since I have way too many games and I am kind of Finnish already.

Tosin en ole itsenäisyyspäivää moneen vuoteen viettänyt.

Best song from Finland would have to be something from Reverend Bizarre.
Reverend Bizarre - Anywhere Out of this World
Wont link it to Youtube since it is such long song and it is split.

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää \m/
En voi puhua suomea! ;p
En edes tiedä, miten puhua portugali....

One of my favorite songs by a Finnish Band:
Black Winter Day - Amorphis

In for Eador: Genesis ?

Thanks Adzeth!
And happy day!.. ;p
1. Miksi Suomen kansa juo niin paljon?
Ok, so that’s a bit of a cliché, but I lack imagination.
This is the last thing I said to anyone:
Potilas tarvitsee parantaa hänen istuu suvaitsevaisuutta ensin.

2. My lovely wife, who is absolutely awesome in so many other ways, has completely failed to teach me much finnish.
I do like Anna Eriksson, but mostly her Swedish language music, which I understand slightly better. I particularly like her “Annan Vuodet” album.

I would happily win any of these games!

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