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It's the Independence Day of Finland again, and I'm holding a giveaway, again.

Here's a history lesson for those not in the know:
A long, long time (like 95 years) ago, some Finnish government guys decided that we're old and adult enough to move out and live on our own. They quickly contacted some Russian government guys and told 'em "Yo, we's movin' out, fo' shizzle" and the Russians were all like "...k", which was mighty nice of them.
A year ago I held a giveaway to commemorate that. Back then GOG only had 2 Finnish games, so I gave away both. Now GOG suddenly has a bunch of 'em, and I'm just a poor student and wasn't clever enough to buy 'em when they were on sale, so I'm just going to give the same games I gave last year (Flatout and Shadowgrounds), and a bonus one from Russia (Eador: Genesis is a Russian game, right?), because it's kind of cool and so was letting us go independent without a big hairy fight.

So, I'm giving away
-1 Flatout
-1 Shadowgrounds
-1 Eador: Genesis

To participate, do at least one of the following:
1: Post something in Finnish. There are added conditions: no cursing, no booze/drug words, nothing disturbing. The whole post doesn't need to be in Finnish, so you can begin with Finnish and have commentary in English after it. Also, needs to have more than 1 word in Finnish, and no copying other people's Finnish bits (parts can be the same, but there needs to be some originality) :p
2: Tell me (in this thread, not by PM) your favorite Finnish song that hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet (so if your favorite has been mentioned, pick the second favorite etc.)

...and mention which games you want. The winners will be decided by a random draw after about 18 hours, so that's around 20:30 GMT+2 (6th of December). I think that about covers it and was presented in sufficiently complex way.

/edit: The giveaway has ended.
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1. "Jotain" what? You wanted to post "something" in Finnish
2. Hard Rock Hallelujah

Eador Genesis
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1. Pidän videopelit (I'll keep/hold the video games)
2. HB - Eteenpäin ( )

not shadowgrounds (already own it)

Edit: to correct what the Finnish phrase actually means. Thanks Adzeth :)
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Not in, but +1 and just for fun:

1. Anteeksi, uskontoni kieltää saunomisen!

2. Waltari - So Fine! -- complete WTF moment when I first saw it on MTV Europe as Finland's entry for the Euro Video Grand Prix in 1994. I recorded it on audio cassette through a self-made cable and listened to it a lot afterwards.
tajemniczybeton: 1. "Jotain" what? You wanted to post "something" in Finnish
Nuolkoot kalkkunat jalkojasi, senkin vitsiniekka :p
(May turkeys lick your feet, you jokester)
Braussie: 1. Pidän videopelit (I like Video games, according to google translator... I don't know Finnish)
Google Translator stuff is okay, and "Pidän videopelit" means "I'll hold/keep the video games". :D
Adzeth: Google Translator stuff is okay, and "Pidän videopelit" means "I'll hold/keep the video games". :D
I'm glad I clarified that I don't know Finnish... that'd be embarasing! Thank you for the clarification! I'll modify my post. :)
Kiitos peleistä!

Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low (

I would like Eador: Genesis.
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Jenni Vartiainen Missä muruseni on

Eador: Genesis thanks for the giveaway
Kiitos paljon!

Song: Satumaa

In for Eador Genesis

Thanks and +1!
Hetki lyö - Kirka Moment strikes. Original song "Beat the Clock"

I'm for the Flatout :)
Since I don't know a lick of Finnish I had to stoop to a translator and to be diffrent I used the Bing one.

Rakentaa mies tuleen, ja hän tulee lämmin päivä. Mies tuleen, ja hän lämpimästi hänen loppuelämänsä. (what it supposed to say is "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.")

Finntroll- Jaktens Tid

and for the hell of it(not counting this as part of my entry I just like these guys):
Apocalyptica - Hall of the mountain king live

Nightwish - the islander

and I'll try for flatout or shadowgrounds either or.
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In for Shadowgrounds

Been a while since Ive frequented finnish music (big fan of the Cold Meat Industry label and my brother loves his black metal) but Pimentola came to mind without a particular favourite (does that count enough - I hope!?).
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Thanks for the giveaway! +1

I'll enter for Flatout.

Sinä olet minun sankari!
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Hakkaa päälle pohjan poika!

The warcry of the famous Hakkapeliitta, the well trained and much feared Finnish light cavalry that served under Gustav II Adolph (Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden) during the 30 year war.

As for song, I have a soft spot for this:
Though it is more of a "so horrible that it becomes entertaining" kind of thing ;)

Anyway, I would be interested in Eador: Genesis.
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Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! (Happy independence day! -- I hope that translated correctly :)

How about this as a favorite Finnish song? Maamme Laulu

I'm in for Flatout and Eador please. Kiitos!!