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I'll have to give you both, although not entirely sure if the first part will bring a big ol' smile on your face.

This cat had been with my family since my brother and I found her after one of our soccer games when we were little (about mid-'96 or '97). April last year, she had a stroke completely out of the blue and we took her to the emergency vet to be looked after overnight until we could take her to our normal vet. Both vets said she wouldn't recover and we should just put her down. I said 'no' and we brought her home. After caring for her for a couple of weeks, she started showing improvement, being able to move and walk on her own. Soon enough, she was about as healthy as she could be considering what she went through. She went on to live another year being a pretty happy kitty before she passed away last month. Going from "there's little chance she'll survive, you should put her down" to living happily for a year (she was about 16 at this point), I was really happy for that extra year of being with the cat that was essentially mine. She attached to me far more than anyone else in the family and I miss her, but I'm at peace knowing she had a happy and (relatively) healthy life with me and my family. :)

Oh yes, and the second part. I know that feel of losing a long-lasted family pet oh too well, I've had 3 lost just in the past 5 months. A 12-year old Chocolate Lab, an 18-year old white-orange shorthair cat that never really great to bigger than a couple of handfuls, and my 16-year old calico.
Many hugs your way, HellDunkel.

If I am randomly picked, Clive Barker's "Undying" would be fairly fitting, I think.
So sorry to hear about your dog, man. I know the feeling and it really sucks to have to say goodbye.

Here's one of my favorite stories to tell about our old cat Mimi (We had to put her down too, she had cancer :( Had a great and long life though).

We used to have this big cabinet in the living room with a small statue of a white cat on it. One day my mother went to the shop and our cat Mimi (who was white also mind you) was left alone for a period of time. When my mum got back she immediately noticed that the small statue lay broken on the floor, yet she couldn't find Mimi (who was obviously the culprit) anywhere. After searching half of the house to find her my mum finally noticed Mimi sitting in EXACTLY the same spot and EXACTLY the same pose as the statue was previously sitting. She just sat there dead quiet and staring in front of her, probably hoping that my mum wouldn't find out about the statue.

That always cracked me up about our old Mimi, that little critter was intelligent as hell haha.
Just hugging you too...
Oh, and thanks very much for the giveaway:
I´m in!
let it be known i'm not posting on this topic for just the giveaway (granted i would like to win), but because i know what its like.

My family used to have a dog, a English Cocker Spaniel named Sammy, whom we had had since i was an infant (he was only a few days younger than me), i had grown up with this dog, then when i was 12......he suddenly died (no illness or injury apparently, as according to my grandmother, he was begging for her steak just hours before), everyone but my cousin (it was football night, a bunch of family and friends had gathered at my house before they went to the stadium to watch it) was crying when they learned of it (he wasn't because he was worried about me and my sisters), this was a dog so beloved that people who weren't even around him that much cried.

we than got another dog, but he got sick at only 6 months old and died. (think it was that incident with the bad dog food)

we than got a Miniature Dauschund from a puppy mill (don't ever do that, trust me). he was.....pretty damn mean, but we all loved him anyway. Between the time we got that one and his death we got a 2nd dog, first time we had more than one at a time, a Jack Russel Mix we rescued from a shelter (and by that, i mean my sister wanted him, brought him home, and never took care of him, than i grew incredibly attached to).........said Jack Russel is around 4 or 5, i forgot his age, but hes fine at least. But that Dauschund, he hurt his back at age 4 and he became partially paralyzed, we had to put him down.

We than got 2 Miniature Dauschund puppies (for whatever reason, my mother loves that breed), Ben and Harley, they are now 3.

if anything happened to even one of my 3 dogs, i would likely become very depressed, possibly suicidal. I'm quite afraid of how i'll react honestly.

But know this, your dog is in a better place now, or if you don't believe in an afterlife, at least isn't in any pain anymore. Try to take comfort in that at the very least, but you gave your dog 15 years of love and companionship, not all dogs are that lucky.
Hugs from me.
I can sympathize on your loss.
Around 20 years ago i saw a blue budgie flying in the garden.
With some patience i was able to catch him (already owned 2 budgies and
3 cockatiels ) he was just bones and feathers. But after 2 days nursing him
he was back to the living. That was an investigative bird ;-). Back than i let them
fly in one room. Soon he was the leader of the pack. Than one day i entered the
room. And he wasn't there. I searched everywhere till i heard a little Tschirp
behind a wardrobe. Seems like he gnawed through the cardboard (that i have put
there to prevent the falling behind the wardrobe.
I literally teared the wardrobe apart but still couldn't find him. My hand searched
and searched, fearing the worst because he wasn't making any sound. Then
he bites me in my finger and i was able to get him out there (he was hanging
on my finger). He couldn't stand anymore...i rushed to the next vet and there
is brocken left leg was put in a mini splint............after 2 weeks he recovered.
His leg was stiff but he could do all the things like before......what a bird.
Sadly he died 2 years after that...i guess the whole stress was too much.
But as you can see i still remember him (and every other bird).
Licurg: I used to have a cat. One day, it just left and never came back...
I don't mean to be rude, but it seems it's the cat who used to have you ...

edit: I'm out, but hugs for OP nonetheless
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I have a 14 years old Pitbull/Mastin who's been with me since I was a lil kid, he's name is Zeus, I just love the little bastard so much, he is so intelligent, so noble, so cheeful everytime he sees you coming to him, he sleeps the whole day and night, the doc said he has an outstanding health for his age which made me happy.

I funny story about him comes to mind, I remember my cousing brought home a lot of sliced ham and cheese, top quality, costed a lot of money, he put them at the living room table and went upstairs to inform my mom he was home ( he was living with us for a couple years while studying and such, now lives at London) so when he came downstairs he just found Zeus ate* the whole package of ham and cheese, he is a really huge dog so he just took the bag from the table without any major trouble, even when we were mad at him, we only laughed so hard, was an awesome moment to share in family laughing and Zeus looking at us like (sup people what's so funny I just ate your food) hahaha.

Moments like that.. Priceless, my most humble condolences to you bro, memories about him will always make you smile no matter how sad you may be.

Cheers, and count me in, +rep and my sincerest thanks for reminding me how much I love my dog, I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread feels the same about their beloved pets.

Edit: (*)
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Licurg: I used to have a cat. One day, it just left and never came back...
Potzato: I don't mean to be rude, but it seems it's the cat who used to have you ...
*Throws a dead squirrel at Potzato*
Sorry to hear about your best friend. I hope you and your family are ok.

My dog's name is Rudy. His pic is attached. We named him after our favorite bbq place - Rudy's. There are so many good things I can say about him, hmm...
My wife was in a hurry one morning and forgot to close the gate when she left. It scared her so bad when she pulled into the driveway that evening and saw the gate open because our last dog ran off into the street in front of the house and got hit by a car. But there was Rudy waiting for her in the driveway, not wanting to leave even if he has the chance. It was a big relief, but it also warmed her heart.
Rudy does two funny things that I've never seen a dog do (although I have since heard that it isn't that uncommon): 1: He bites his nails and keeps them short himself so he never needs to get them trimmed. 2: He picks up bones we give him, then right away starts to cry because he can't decide where to put them.
Take care man. Count me in and +1 to you.
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My Hamster Joanne used to get out of her cage and hide in my closet. I would find little caches of nuts and seeds in the corners haha. She was also a total adventurer, climbing on top of things and squeezing herself in between the bookshelf and the wall. She was a riot to watch.

Thanks for the giveaway and feel better!
The first thing that comes to mind is the dog who adopted me. My wife had an 80 pound german/chow mix that is *very* protective of his family. We met online on a game and I went to visit her a few states away. I got three steps into her house (I carried luggage, she just went inside while I grabbed my stuff) before I see this snarling, bristling, black dog (Always more intimidating when they're black) who looks like he's about to rip my throat out. I was absolutely terrified (Even more so than when her grandfather pulled a gun on me and let me know not to hurt his granddaughter) of that dog, and it took some time for him to come around. Now he's my best buddy in the animal world. He's getting older (13, which is quite old for a large dog, not sure the size of your buddy), but still has quite a lot of spunk for an old man - he wears it well. If only I had known he was a sucker for an ass scratch (right in front of his tail on his back), he'd have come around a lot sooner, haha.
This is about animals, but will not make you smile.

When I was little (3rd or 4th grade), we had 3 rabbits. One of then was especially smart, and was able to unlatch their cage and escape. We lived in a second floor apartment then, and their cage was in the balcony. Often we would come home and discover that they had been roaming around the balcony for the whole afternoon.

One day they escaped as usual, and ate some of the vegetables we had around that they were not supposed to eat (the details are now a bit vague in my memories, perhaps it was that they drank water, when they really should not). Anyways, the result was that I spent a Saturday afternoon watching they suffer and eventually die. Veterinarians were not common in the area we lived in, and there was nothing we could do.
I had several cats over the years but our last one was the funniest one. She was a mixed siamese who simply lodged herself on our garage one day, coming from God knows where, and soon we were so fond of her that we couldn't let her go away anymore. She was very peculiar in her tastes - a few years later she even rejected prime quality ham, shook her paw and walked away. :)

And the vacuum cleaner. Man how did she love it! Every cat I've known was afraid of it because it is noisy, but whenever she heard us vacuuming a carpet she would stand up from wherever she was sleeping and lie down on the carpet to be vacuumed as well. That was hilarious.
sorry for your loss HellDunkel

a hug and +1 are yours

thanks for doing a giveaway, wish it was in better circumstances.

count me in.

my dog recently was barking slightly (usually she barks at nothing and a lot so it was odd) and trying to keep the noise low.
seeing this as suspicious i go to investigate what shes gotten herself into, instead of a mess or something as i was expecting she is instead playing with a snake, and trying to keep it down to prolong her game.

half the time they are poisonous around here.
but shes had it coiled up on the porch, and shes giving it a single "woof" every little while, usually right as its striking out at her.
i try to get involved to get her away from the snake hoping the snake will take the chance to make a clean getaway, but instead she looks at me (still within striking distance), turns her side to the snake, and spaces out ignoring all commands.
then proceeds to walk over the snake, then spacing out.

i finally got her to walk over to me, and out of the snakes sphere of influence. she of course immediately and desperately wanted to walk back to her game.
i was completely surprised she wasnt bit up.
maybe this is more of a regular game of hers than i suspect and snake venom only makes her stronger at this point, with the lack of care she had to the whole deal.
My friend has 2 dogs, sisters which are nothing alike. One has short fur, the other, long(er). One is a little bit timid, the other is more energetic (but also knows how to chill, hence the name 'Chillout').

Whenever they see my friend (their owner) they just go crazy, both of them. Its a joy to see an animal get so excited, so happy to see a human being.

I think they are better than most people, maybe even better then me. Its amazing that such a thing could bring so much joy for a living creature.

They simply are honest in their happiness.

Btw, I'm in ;]
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