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As the topic already states: I'm a little bit depressed at the moment.

After 15 years I had to put my dog to sleep.
15 years is a long time and it is really hard for me and my family.

But I think it is a good way to get less depressed by making somebody else happy.
So I decided to giveaway a $5.99 game of her/his choice from the catalogue.

There is only one condition to participate:

Write something about an animal you own/know that makes me smile. Or if you don't own/know any animals just hug me. :)

The winner is randomly determined and announced some time on monday (May 6th).
And of course regifting is allowed.
You shall have both.

Many hugs...and as for something about an animal. My dog does some of the dumbest things, like taking things that don't belong to him, and just when you get ready to yell at him, you see he took them to sit on his bed as a form of either not letting you leave (such in the case of a single shoe), or because it has your scent on it (such as a blanket you may have slept in, or a face cloth used).

I know what it's like to lose a dog, and I am very sorry you have to go through it, I lost my current dog's predecessor and as much as I didn't show it, it really got to me. But always remember, you showed mercy by not forcing your dog to suffer any agony or prolonged suffering, and I'm sure it would thank you for that.

"Hug" :)

Only pet I actually ever truly owned was a small turtle a good while ago. He didn't do anything particularly humorous or noteworthy. No crazy hijinks were instigated by him. However, he was a stable and positive part in an otherwise quite chaotic time of my life, and that is something I treasure, and will always treasure.
Dogs live shorter lives because they are born knowing how to live happily and love unconditionally. We, on the other hand, tend to be slow learners. ;-)
I am so sorry for you here is a hug.
I would like to play for betrayal at krondor please thanks for the opportunity +1 for your generosity.
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Oh man I'm so sorry. Right now my mini schnauzer is sleeping next to me snoring, before that he was watching some old Lassie movie (Lassie has a puppy called Laddie and there are Nazi soldiers and stuff hehe), I just love how he can sit and enjoy watching tv when there are animals involved. He's my first dog and I can't imagine what it would be like if something happened to him, don't know why they have to have such a short life :(
I have many fond memories of Tigger, my iguana.
He passed about 10 years ago.
He used to love riding on trains & chasing dogs around the park.
He would dance when Top of the Pops was on....

You have my sympathies.
Thanks for the giveaway and sorry for your loss, my family's dog Pepper runs out of the bathroom where her food bowl is and into the hallway to eat stuff instead of staying in the bathroom. I thought it was kind of cute. She also starts howling when us humans make howling noises, it's really cool. Here's a picture of her looking rather stoned.
p30.jpg (138 Kb)
Thanks for the giveaway! Here, have a virtual hug. :) Sorry for your loss.

I own a cat, and lets just say she isn't very smart even for a cat. A few years ago we had a box fan blowing out the window. Spooky(as the cat is named) tried to wedge herself into the window behind the fan and knocked the fan out of the window so the window came crashing down and trapping her between the window and screen. The window crashing down was really loud and sounded like someone breaking in so I ran to see what was going on and got to see her with the terrified look on her face. XD

A nice close up picture of her a little freaked out but imagine about 10x moreso.
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I'm really sorry for your loss.

To be honest, I can't quite understand how that must feel. I own a cat since I've been a little child, and he's still alive today - he's 20 while I'm 22, so I really don't know a life without him, but if he dies, I'll probably be also as devastated as you are.
He sadly got blind two years ago, and is now very, very slow, passive and sleepy, but still generally more or less healthy, at least the vet said that she saw younger cats that looked a lot worse.
I also found out that even animals can turn white, I never realized that before. He was almost completely black when he was younger, but when he got older, he grew more and more white hair, and now even his whiskers turned completely white, which interestingly gives him a rather dignified look.

On another note, my grandparents owned a dog, some mixed race wire-haired dachshund thing, that was really awesome. She loved apples for some reason. If you would throw one she would run after it, which always looked hilarious in higher grass, because she had to hop through it like a rabbit. And she also loved wrestling for the apples, and you could pick her up by the apple when she had one in her mouth, and she just wouldn't let go.
I also remember one time when my cousin lined up some apples on the road in front of her, and the poor thing didn't know what to do, she just couldn't decide.
Sadly, she died a few years ago (though she outlived her owners), but that was the most awesome dog I've known - normally I'm more of a cat person, but she was definitely like no other dog.
A Hug!

Just a few months ago a special cat has left this world. Sadly she was taken away by an evil tumor. We still miss her, so I can understand your state ;(

Thanks for the giveaway, and try to stay well!
luna.jpg (73 Kb)
So I recently lost one of my two dogs.
They run away when my brother left the gate opened during a night.
Some days later, the female one, Nala, returned home.
I was happy, very happy, I searched for them in many dog houses, roads and so on, and finally at least one of them has managed to return.

Now, Nala attached to me. She is like my shadow, she follow me everywhere, she "calls" me when I'm inside my house to play together with a rope or something.

I'm happy, but she is sad anyway, she always looking at the gate, maybe hoping to see the other dog, Sparky, returns.
So I'm sorry for you, I know how bad you are now, I lost two dogs before Sparky, and they can be your best friends.
I'll be in for Shadow Warrior Complete. Thanks for the nice giveaway. And ::hugs:: I understand totally.

As for you dog dying, my heart goes out to you. I've had to deal with that when I had to put my akita snowball down after 15+ years. I was there having to hold her up and take her to the vet because she wasnt eating and hiding and couldnt even walk anymore, it was difficult, May she rest in peace and she is now joined with coco.

Coco was a very beautiful small collie terrier mix that I had for 12 years which I will say we often do have favorites, and coco was that dog to me for I had adopted her since she was a pup when my cousin found her in a park as a stray. I had alot of good years of memories with coco, I just wished she would have lived longer than 12 years =( Luckily I still have pictures when she was a pup to when she got older. I still remember viviidly of coming home at 10:30pm being told my dog had ran away and she was found. Only to get more information how she was found, which was dead on the street block and was in my neighbors car trunk. I had fallen to the floor crying terribly like the world was ending when I saw her in the trunk. I was thankful she wasn't run over, it seemed like she died peacefully =( Still I cried all night long and could not work the next day. I didn't get home till 2am after looking for a good vet clinic to put her to rest. I have her still with me in the living room, in a little box. It's the first dog ive ever done that for. It will be a year come the end of August of her passing.

Anyways the best way to heal from this is do your greiving it varies from person to person. Then when your ready, I'd suggest to get another dog because there really is so many out there that need homes. Too many are put asleep so adopt at your local shelter. It's what I had to do because the depression was so great after such a terrible loss and my father was going psycho depressed so bringing in another dog helped immensely. So now I have a rambuntious 1 1/2 year old little miniture mix dachshund/pincher that takes shoes and socks and hides them all over =)

The attached pics are my doggies that are in doggy heaven I'd like to think.
dog_pic.jpg (46 Kb)
coco2.jpg (110 Kb)
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You can definitely have hugs... we are watching one of our cats show more and more signs of age and I can see myself in similar straights before christmas this year.

For us we just have 3 cats, but in a way 5. One is the size of two and the other has multiple personalities and can actually almost say the word "Mum". He follows my wife around the house when he is bored meowing "Muuuum, muuuuuuuuuum!". Oh and he has an eye twitch. Plus he is the only cat I met who could not figure out a cat door. He would hook his claw into it, lift it above his head and then try to go through. Of course he had to let go so the flap would hit him on the head. This would startle him and he would back off, then repeat the same performance again. After 10 minutes of this we took pity and have just tied the door up to prevent him getting a concussion!
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Hug =)
We have currently two cats (one is a white turkish anogra cat, really cute, also snores sometimes), 2 chinchillas and some guinaepigs and a rabbit. =)

The white cat can open doors and drifts around corners (this is not running or so, but more sliding) :D
She makes some really crazy things, like most cats do =)

And one of the chinchillas wants to be tickled for forever :D

Well, I also lost my budgie last year, had him for many years (was eleven years old) =(