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This was talked about for a bit in the Kickstarter thread, and may interest the PnP / Gold Box crowd. The Solenttar Kickstarter that was started some time ago advertised a top-down, grid-based, turn-based RPG that comes with a toolset for making your own scenarios and adventures. The first KS failed, and now it's back as the IceBlink Engine, with the emphasis of the project on the toolset rather than the game itself.

While the game doesn't interest me that much, the toolset looks really fun to use. You can create your own maps and scripts. The developer is looking into letting users port their own custom rulesets, but this probably won't happen anytime soon, since for now rules are hard coded.

Check it out if it interests you:
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Well now this is what I'm talking about:

The developer is now taking a second look at stretch goals, and letting community members vote for their preferred set of stretch goals. Here's the official thread:

So far the winning set is this:
$1,000: +4 classes (8 total), +2 races (5 total)
$2,000: create your own custom classes, races, skills, feats/talents, spells. Add editors to the toolset for creating these customizations.
$2,500: add quest/plot wizard to the toolset for quickly creating basic quests.
$3,000: add script generator to the toolset for easily creating basic scripts without writing any code yourself.
Which is awesome. I don't really care for the rest of the stretch goals so long as it hits the $2000 one :P

Seriously guys, if you enjoyed the Gold Box games and want a good toolset, this is one project to back. Jeremy (the developer)'s been very outspoken and honest about his plans on the Codex and Kickstarter PM, and I've asked him to keep an eye out on this thread, so if it interests you in the slightest but you're held back by doubts, just ask away.
Thanks members. Here is a fun little report:
It shows that we currently have 2 backers from since this post was made. Every $5 backer will bring us closer to the big $2k stretch goal!

Stretch Goal #2 ($2,000)
-Allow for the creation of custom classes, races, skills/talents, spells, etc. This will require a significant change to the code to make them data driven.
-Add editors to the toolset for creating custom classes, races, skills, spells, etc.

Stop on by and give us a look, thanks.
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Heyho RPG fans - the (already funded) project is delevoping nicely!

By now it's only less than 400 $ short from reaching the 2.000 $ stretch goal. Let's give it a spin in its final three days and heave it over that magical barrier :).

Looking forward to see you over there at IceBlink Kickstarter.

And it just unlocked the $2k stretch goal :)

(Josh Sawyer backed it too)
We are entering the final 48 hours…having reached the big 2.000 $ stretch goal means that classes, races, skills, spells, etc. will be customizable by the users of the toolset. We will be able to design truely unique and personalized RPGs like Pool of Radiance with this. A dream for RPG fans.

Hope to see some more like minded fellows over there in the kickstarter thread :).

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Project successfully funded at $3094. All stretch goals but the fifth met :D