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is there actually ANY indication that that MAY be the case?
I already voted for it so let's hope. :D Even though I think I have the boxed version somewhere...
Will you be doing a giveaway? If not, then I call first dibs.
I'm registering. I'd like to have a DRM free copy of Morrowind, but i don't really see Bethesda coming over. Although that would mean id would also be coming over.
Well Bethesda are coming to GOG, beginning of next year, when Interplay loses the rights to sell Fallout 1/2/Tactics and Beth gets them. Who knows what they'll do though. Probably remove them from GOG just to be cunts
Let's hope it will :D
I am in.
Registering, thanks.
I think there's enough votes to make GOG interested. Now they need to get Beth interested ; )
I had to check, was pretty sure I voted for this ages ago.
I'm in for sure. Only ES game I've played is Skyrim, but I've heard lots of good things about Morrowind.
Voted long time ago, and I'm in ofc :) Thx
I also voted for this some time ago....
Doubt it will, but I'm in just in case.
Voted it long ago. Although I can't really seem to get into the Elder Scrolls. Or maybe that was because I was "younger" back then :P Or it's because I really do need a good main story xD

I'm in anyway, although I don't really think we'll see Elder Scroll games on GOG for a while (but then again, I'm not up to date with which games are likely to get sold on GOG).