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Well, if your giving them away, I'll take a code if you don't want them. :) Would be nice to see this game on the service.
I'll toss my name in the hat, too.

Thanks to you both!
Registering, thanks.
I loved this game so will jump on the train, it's kinda messed up and disturbing but loved it :)

Thanks for sharing with us!

btw, ne_zavarj you will become 1337 soon xD
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I'll throw in an entry. Thank you to ne_zavarj and Kristian!
Not registering (already own the game twice, don't need a third free copy), but I've been thinking: the fact that the original Alice was re-released as DLC for Alice: Madness Returns and is still available everywhere in that capacity might make it difficult to add it to GOG anytime soon. The game absolutely should be here (should have been here before A:MR was ever released), but I'm not sure we will actually see it here anytime soon.
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please can i enter but if i win please pass to adambiser :)

thank you very much +1
disappearing smile BUMP!
Funny game.I´m in !
I'm in. Always wanted to try the game, seemed dark and morbid (just he way I like my adventure games).
GameRager: (BTW the title is a bit confusing.....what will be done if the game is released in some other month?)
Obviously, 3 copies will be given away if it's released in May, 4 if June or July, 6 if August, 8 if November or December...

(for everyone not realising this is a joke: it is - for everyone else: feel free to edit this out if you want to continue the joke)
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You're just being hopeful +1

Not in, but will keep my fingers crossed for you.
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I am in. Thanks!
vote here this game is also by him btw it
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