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Apparently this guy's University has a retro gaming club.

I love old games and a few of my friends do too, but none of us really get down to the nitty gritty and play them together.
That looks awesome!

I'd love to join something like that (or start it if I had the time and energy).
Impressive. And to think that I'm so proud of my working C64... I'm humbled...
First I was "Hey, I've seen something like that here!", until I saw the last few pictures with some Finnish in it, "Pelejä myynnissä" ("Games for sale"). So apparently it is here.

I don't know if that is somehow related to Ari Tommiska, the guy who created a gaming museum earlier this year in Helsinki.

Google-translated to English:

I visited the museum once, quite interesting to see so many old machines, but unluckily (and understandably) the machines were not running nor playable. I think he had one mock Atari VCS running where you could play some of the old Atari VCS games. The museum is free BTW.

We seem to like old technology here, I am even still actively using one Nokia Symbian phone even though I have a couple of Android phones too. Why not, it still works great even with the original battery, and I like its offline car navigator.

Anyway, since old machines tend to break down eventually and take so much room, I personally prefer re-living them with emulators and virtual machines.
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