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Voted. Good luck, Core 1!
Voted. Good luck, friend.
You have my AXE. Good luck!
I'd LOVE to go into space but in FF I can't see anything to vote on

Just make sure to get a photo of the "Oh Shit" face when the g-force hits.......
I'm in.
I voted. Good luck!
Voted. Good luck!

(Not in, but thanks for the giveaway.)
Voted. Had to give my email for this. If i recieve ONE spam mail because of this, i'll send you to space myself. (Or maybe that was the plan all along ?)
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Voted! You're 44th now!
You're up to 42 now! Good luck!

I was vote #35, but I never received a confirmation email or anything. It won't let me vote now, so I assume it registered.

(I'd like to be considered for the random draw, also. Thanks!)
count me in for:
random draw for any game on GOG (no price restrictions here)

voted for you. vote #36
your ranked #42 now

i had to retry like 3-4 times before the page with your image and vote box stayed on the page for more than half a second.
it kept dumping me to the ladder of people top #20 or so instead of just your vote page even with that direct link.

thanks for a giveaway, and good luck making it into orbit hope you succeed!
Voted. Not entering the draw. Good luck :)

You want to go to space, while most of us are just trying to avoid hell..

For those of us earthbound, have a code for Imperialism 2.

Have fun folks, and wish nmillar the best on his journey!

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Hehe, got it, thanks. :D
Off to bed now. ;)
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