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I usually don't make topics like this, but there is a first for everything, right?
I recently received a small refund on a purchase I made, and what better thing to do than to re-spend the money here at GoG?
I am stuck between Earthworm Jim 1+2 and the Robinson's Requiem Collection. I'm always up for a good platformer, but I also find the survival element of Requiem interesting, and I wondered if I should try it out.
So anyways, my fellow GoGers, help me decide! :D
Well, Earthworm Jim can be frustrating if not impossible to set up a controller for, if that helps you..
Earthworm Jim. I didn't have any controller issues, but I think I'm lucky in that regard. Also, I finished the two games twice on the keyboard first, so, it's possible that way at least.
Robinson's Requiem, I've not tried, but I heard it's on the harder side.
In both games cases, real the reviews people have posted. most probably are a paragraph or two, but there are some more 'full' ones out there that could help your decision.
Ive read the reviews on GoG. Earthworm Jim seems to be having more positive reviews, but Requiem just seems interesting for some reason.
get both
Aliasalpha: get both

Not an option sadly. :P
Earthworm Jim 1 + 2. Robinson's Requiem is too damn difficult to be any fun.
have you got either of the games in the new promo? Spellforce is pretty good & the guild sounds it
I would advise watching a couple gameplay videos of robinsons requiem on youtube or something. I don't normally complain about graphics but I found them to be at such a low resolution that when moving about I couldn't actually tell where I was half the time, especially in mountainous area's. If they look fine to you then I would still only get it if you want a hardcore survival game. You will die alot in that game.
Thanks for the opinions everyone. I decided I won't take the risk with requiem, and I'll stick to a classic platformer to purchase. :D
Buy Earthworm Jim, you won't regret.
The first two Earthworm Jim games is a testament of the grand old 16 bit era with some of the more surreal platforming adventuring ever. The games all feel like the old Loony Tunes cartoons but with a solid platforming base.
If you never played those two EWJ games, I suggest you purchase it.
I bought the two Earthworm Jim games and have set it up for a controller. So far I'm having a good time. Much wuv to you all.
Gamerkought: I bought the two Earthworm Jim games and have set it up for a controller. So far I'm having a good time. Much wuv to you all.

Glad you didn't have troubles. Great games. :)