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Aw, sorry, vault boy. :(

Fallout was one of the first games I bought on GOG when it opened because I loved Fallout 2 so much, but I played the MDKs first instead and then so many other games came out that Fallout got lost in my backlog.
I personally stay away from KOTOR. It’s a great game but to get the full experiences you need to spend time taking to each party member. The long dialog can become very time consuming. I couldn’t even play them game through 2 times because I just got bored with all the talking.

I love the fable 1 and think the other two falls short (but are still playable). My record time in fable is just under 6 hours (can’t remember if it was the lost chapter or not). Fable also lets you put more time into side quest and just exploring. You can also put down any of the fable games for a week or two and pick it back up being right on track.

I never played Arx Fatalis or Nox so I can help you with them.